I went to the doctor on Friday to assess how my foot is going.  He started talking about aqua therapy and I stopped listening! 

I do not get into pools.  I do not own a swimsuit.  This aqua "thing" is just not going to happen.

Luckily the manservant was with me and had not lost his voice as he laughed and said "that is not gonna happen" .  The solution – a lot of water in my bath tub where the lack of a swimsuit is not an issue, and, I'm not likely to drown as I can touch the bottom. LOL

Then he put a brace on my ankle and expected me to squish it back into the boot.  It was like trying on a shoe 3 sizes too small!   He told me it was just a "sensitization" issue.   I told him the foot plus brace is too big for the boot!  I'm a woman -  I know when shoes are too small!

I hobbled out of his office with this now super uncomfortable boot but pleased that I had avoided a public pool humiliation.

Saturday morning after my early bathtub session of foot stretching, twisting and splashing exercises, I put the boot on without the brace. We had a day of fun things planned with the rental car and it didn't include doing them in discomfort.

Later in the afternoon I was relaxing on the couch when the phone rang ……  It was my doctor calling to check out how the brace was going!!!! 

He absolutely knew on Friday that I was not going to wear that brace willingly!   LOL.  Thank God I could truthfully answer his question about whether I had done the water exercises!

As soon as I hung up I sent the manservant to retrieve the brace from the corner I had thrown it into and I have worn it squashed inside the boot, like a good girl, ever since.  It borders on torturous but the good news is that I might only have to wear the boot for a further 2 weeks now instead of 3!

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  1. On Friday morning I was thinking about how much better it was feeling and that I could hobble without the crutches. When I left his office I was in pain and back on the crutches and feeling as though I had been put back 2 weeks.

  2. so your not hydrophobic your bathing suit phobic??? I know water exercises sound strange but are very handy and very nice Just do not read all the things before going into the pool it could make a person turn and run! Too many Make sure's you hope people follow!And the faster out of all that junk the better keeping you from walking with a limp a hobble or a waddle! all things not to be desired! Just take care and have a nice day!

  3. Emmy awww, the best news here is that your time in the boot may be shorter! Did you tell the doc that you were in pain from the brace? That doesn't sound right, but I'm not a physician. ((((hugs))) gf

  4. I think that all doctors should be forced to endure their treatments to see exactly what torturous experiences their patients have to go through. Good for you on the aqua therapy! Good news on only 2 more weeks with the boot – does that also mean the brace?

  5. It is nice to know you are getting better step by step.
    But I wonder why you refuse water so much. Water helps reduce a burden the part gets and make your muscles stronger. There must be some reason, though.
    Just imagining your strong attitude of refusal makes me laugh. I am a water person myself.

  6. Being in charge of your own therapy is tough, I'm so glad that you are actually doing your water therapy. YAY, YOU! And fourteen days is a lot easier to countdown from then 21, what bliss (it's a relative term) waits for you at the end!I so wish that there was a machine that would allow the doctor to feel what I was feeling, so he would better understand when I don't have the words to describe it.

  7. I'm glad you are keeping us up-to-date. It's hard to know what to say and not sound …uncaring? sappy? too mushy?You do seem to be handling this much better than I would. I'd complain a lot, I think.I understand the dislike of water. If I hate something or fear it–forget it!Swimmers–like that name.

  8. Thanks Jamie. I really am quite hydro-phobic if I can't touch the bottom and I don't like having my face/head under water. I am doing the exercises quite well in the bathtub as long as I have a lot of water in there.

  9. Yeah I told him that it is so squished it feels awful but he is still of the opinion that it is more the nerves reacting rather than a problem pain. I have put bits of sponge everywhere inside the brace where it was sensitive and that has helped a bit – it takes ages to get all this stuff on and off though!!

  10. LOL … I would've just taken the bit of paper and never shown up for the aqua therapy. I think I am doing it ok in the bath – and it's much nicer with my soap bubbles etc. I'm sure my doctor only ever wears the best and most comfortable shoes he can afford and never has to squash his feet in!

  11. LOL – step by step! Clever! But, yes I am – it's just slow going. I had one of those nasty childhood experiences in water and didn't go back to trying to learn until I was 41 years old! I think I only have one sibling who swims out of 4 of us. LOL – we were not water people!

  12. LOL – I filled in a form at the PT office and it had a list of words to describe the pain one is feeling, and, as I went down it, I kept thinking my pain is not described here. In the end I ticked a whole lot of them so they knew that it was hurting! I think foot doctors/surgeons go out of their way to ensure their own feet are never injured!

  13. We really call them cossies (short for costumes) but I thought if I wrote that no-one would know what I was talking about! LOL. Humour helps me – some of the situations I find myself in are like a comedy skit. Really, I am lucky to have a foot – even if it is a crapped out one at the moment.

  14. I think you are correct there. I asked the physio what sort of shoes she wears and she named a brand (which I can't remember now) but when I looked them up they were more expensive than I would like to spend – even though I now realise how important my feet are!

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