Time difference, what time difference

Cat's son came back …  and he brought a friend.  Friend's mother got all confused about the time difference between Australia and DC and rang at some unGodly hour on Sunday morning (it was still dark so it was certainly unGodly).  

The manservant answered the phone "hello, hello,  hello???   You ring me before 8am on a Sunday morning and then you won't talk to me!".   Hangs up.

Five minutes later phone rings again and he answers and without any ado says:  'hello? -  I'll put Emjay on".   I feel a little embarrassed as I take the phone wondering what she must think of these rude people her daughter is staying with.    She thought it was the middle of Monday morning here and was ringing to say "happy birthday"  to her daughter.

So today is now Monday and the manservant went to huge effort to get her a birthday cake – our ghetto Safeway does not carry birthday cakes – apparently people in my neighbourhood do not wish to celebrate their birthdays.  Poor guy trekked to Giant in the next "suburb" to get a cake.   Now we wait for Lloyd to bring her home so we can celebrate and she can report to her mother that we really are nice people! 

Edited to add the photo.   She was thrilled!  


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  1. I wish I could just let the phone ring, but I don't dare. I probably sound incredibly panicked when I answer if it's way late at night/early morning. And the stumble to the phone? It's a minor miracle if I only bang into a couple of things on the way.I couldn't grasp the time difference between here and Australia until I'd been to Australia.

  2. Yeah for people who can not tell time the poor lady probably didn't know what to say when he first came on the phone! And what a wonderful thing celebrating her birthday with her soon she will pick an age and start celebrating that age for the rest of her life!

  3. I was once woken at about 4 am by an in-law in England who thought the time difference was twelve hours rather than 8 or 9 (or whatever it was between the UK and Victoria). I was not amused, especially since I was getting woken up several times a night by my baby at the time, also since she wanted to speak to my husband rather than to me and he of course slept right through the phone ringing.

  4. I work out my time difference a strange way where I only have to remember a differential and not the actual number of hours difference. It is weird but it works for me. I agree – I can not let the phone ring – I always worry it is about parents or children – though my children usually text me which is much less intrusive.

  5. LOL! Yeah I wondered if she just hung up the first time thinking she had the wrong number! LOL – I know quite a few people who have stayed the same age for many years.

  6. LOL …. my Safeway doesn't have a liquor license! I alternate between calling it the ghetto Safeway and the Soviet Safeway. It has the largest selection of processed lunch "meats" you have ever seen – one entire wall dedicated to bolognas! Half the store is frozen meals and about half an aisle is dedicated to fruit and veggies. The "health & beauty" aisle is basically empty as they lock everything up in the pharmacy section – so you have to queue and ask for handcream!

  7. LOL – you have an amazing memory! I do refer to it mostly as the Soviet Safeway but the manservant calls it ghetto and it has started to rub off on me. It really is a shop of desperation only and "use by" dates are way expired!

  8. LOL … the same thing happened Sunday. The teenagers slept through it all and the mother, having woken us up, said not to worry about waking daughter as she probably needed her sleep!

  9. Aren't time differences and people's lack of thought regarding them great? And my kids wonder why I'm so hard to get hold of! Hope her mother appreciates what wonderful people you and the manservant are!

  10. That's why I prefer text messages – if you are semi-awake you read them and fall back to sleep easier. In this "age" of computers it is easy to look up the time in any country with a few clicks of the mouse.

  11. Yeah our supermarket is "interesting". I would love to take a hidden camera in there and just film what's on the shelves. I think whipping out a "real" camera would get me into trouble.

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