Grey, grey go away

Well….  after discovering that my local salon does not want my business I went back to my old hairdresser today.  The manservant rented a car and drove me over …..   they were so nice to me – providing a foot stool to elevate my booted foot and carrying my book and coffee for me.  

And they made all my grey go away!!        

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  1. I like my greys. I have this ongoing discussion with the Queen about her insistence on dyeing her greys out. To me, they're validation of a life being lived. And in my world, grey hairs give me a bit more of an advantage in business. Go the greys!

  2. What not Electric Blue, Fire Florescence Red, or and Atomic Purple! Although I kind of liked Burgundy when I did my hair it went nice colour's in different light sources! Well the foolishness aside a little gray seems to be Ok on guys they become distinguished but not for a woman they use words like old and tired but say good by to that! love the new avatar and photo's!

  3. LOL! I thought I was going to go with the greys … but then as I got a little more active I realised I wasn't quite ready yet! I think it is different for a man – it has that distinguished air about it.

  4. You are so right about the difference for men and women – women get called "little old lady" … "elderly" – though i think if I coloured it atomic purple I would be called that nutty!!! Thank you re the avatar … haven't decided if that's the one that's staying yet — might turn into a pumpkin after midnight!

  5. Thank you. LOL – I should say I will go to the "cheapest" place but sometimes it pays to doll out the extra $$ for the service and niceness. She made me feel so comfortable that I realise I could have gone when I had the hard cast on and they would've made me feel just as relaxed.

  6. Thank you. Yes I was really touched by the care they took of me. I felt quite self conscious about going in there on my crutches and would never have asked so it was wonderful that they thought of it. Small things can make huge differences!

  7. I always imagined you to be blonde, perhaps a bit klutzy on the crutches, but a blonde to the roots! Which is good, mostly because I don't know any grey jokes…so, did you hear the one about the blonde…just teasing, Emjay! Glad to hear you got the footstool treatment, you deserve it! 🙂

  8. Thankyou … I thought I was going to just go with the grey but once I got a bit more mobile I realised I didn't like it so much LOL. (the grey, not the mobility!).

  9. I completely understand. Just drove a fair distance to my friend's house and got the works (colour and highlights). It's a pick me up, a wee indulgence we deserve–you especially after all you've been going through these months!

  10. She's a doll as she charges much less for doing it at her home than the salon would getting their share of the cost. There's no way I could indulge as I do every five weeks if it were not for her. She does my son and spouse too–we are quite grateful to her–and I never worry that she'll make a mistake. That in itself is priceless!

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