The manservant called me at work:   "There's a possum on our top deck".

Me:  "Wow, get my camera and take photos….."

Somehow between the time he took the photos, and the time I downloaded them,  the possum turned into a raccoon!!

Obviously taking care of me is taking its toll! 

I bet the poor thing was sorry it was up this high when it was time to go down in a hurry!  

No animal was harmed in this photographic series ..  it escaped unharmed.

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  1. We see them a lot since we moved back to the burbs..we are near a wetlands and have all sort of wildlife visit. When we lived in the city we used to have them wander up from a nearby golf course…little bandits would tip the garbage pails over.

  2. Strange isn't it. I live in such a fascinating area! It dug dirt out from around my grevillea plant and broke a couple of the branches. It was a long way up to come looking for food ……

  3. The top photo was the first one and it was just lying enjoying the sun apparently. It started to get frightened when it realised it was going to have trouble getting down. The manservant took about 40 photos LOL – about the last 20 were of the "floor" boards of the deck! He didn't want to get too close.

  4. LOL! Yes indeed! I read that they can unlock doors and unclip garbage can lids!! I certainly don't want to find one inside though! I also read that they can have rabies ………..

  5. LOL – as soon as the photos started appearing I cracked up laughing! (and laughed on and off, with glee, for ages!!). This is a creature we do not have in Australia, and one I have not ever seen, so I was mighty pleased with myself for identifying it for an American! 🙂

  6. LOL – I got a really good laugh out of it that's for sure! Not just the "mask" but also the tail is a pretty big hint! (I even sang the Daniel Boone soundtrack LOL). Yes I remember Melissa's blog about the "cat" … funny.

  7. I have told the manservant that he must, must, must, keep that top deck door closed! We have never worried about "bad guys" coming in during the day but now we have to worry about "creatures" …

  8. ack! I'd much rather it be a possum. much less destructive and evil. This little guy, I have to say is bordering on cute though. I had some bad experiences with raccoons, so I hate them. just watch that it doesn't decide to nest in your attic or between your floors. they get into EVERYthing.

  9. City Vermin and a possum would have been nicer then that DEVIL but I am sure most of them are telling you that! Great photos though he did a wonderful job, catching the sneakiest critter there is! although you will have to work on who is who in the animal kingdom no skunk petting or he might have to live on the balcony for a while! Although that Raccoon looks cute, only because it is small and thin and might just return if anyone is dumb enough to put out food! so what transition is your neighborhood in again! I always love they say animals should not be moved from their natural habitat but they trap the ones who are city Raccoons and dump them in the country go figure! and do not forget to tell him he did great on the photos!

  10. Wow, we don't have raccoons over here, they're quite sweet looking things. Mind you, so are badgers and according to the bloke from the RSPCA they can take your hand off. Are they friendly creatures?

  11. I about bust a gut laughing. That is so funny! The pictures really tell the story of that little guy's predicament! lol
    We've had raccoons where ever I've lived, except California. I doubt a city 'coon like yours would last long with rabies.
    You are right though–they get into everything.
    When I was a kid I thought they were cute. But my dog is afraid of them and my son won't take the garbage out properly at night because we have Dumpsters and they pick around in there.
    Haha. A possum is less destructive. :p

  12. Luckily we don't have an attic – but I did send the manservant under the house to make sure it wasn't "nesting" under there. I don't want any pets except the neighbour's cats!

  13. LOL – yes he did do a good job on the photos! I think even a squirrel would be preferable to a raccoon. No scraps left out from us but you can never be sure about some of my neighbours.

  14. I have never seen one and this one was apparently quite scared of the manservant. They can be infected with rabies and distemper which doesn't sound like anything I want to be too close to. His little face was cute though – but then koalas are cute looking too and are pretty nasty.

  15. I know! I was laughing hysterically about the whole episode. LOL – I will be joining your son in being afraid to take the rubbish out. And, I thought I only had to be worried about druggies!

  16. LOL!!!! Maybe there was a possum there with the raccoon as well but it bailed out on the raccoon and scooted first. Look at the look on that raccoon's face… obviously bawling out his possum buddy as it slid down and away from you…

  17. That's funny! We have lots of raccoons here and I live in the inner city. We kept finding dog food in the kids wading pool, they were "washing" it before they ate it. We have opossums too and no, they don't look the same — lol.

  18. Raccoons are obsessed with washing their food. It's just something they do. One of my neighbors had a raccoon have babies in her chimney. You could walk by her house and see the whole family looking over the edge. It was kind of cute. She had to wait for them to grow up and move out before she fixed the problem.

  19. That is really strange – I wonder if they wash scraps from garbage cans too. They are quite interesting little animals I am discovering. I'm sure the babies were really cute – like little kittens.

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