Ups & Downs

What a beautiful day today.  The manservant vacuumed throughout the house and then served me coffee and a cinnamon bun on our sunny deck -  all before 10am.

I did a lot yesterday -  that traipse down, and back up, the back steps with full body weight on the foot plus a few laps of the house with just a walking stick.   I felt that I achieved a lot and was pretty pleased with myself – until I went to bed.  When I took the boot off I saw that I had bruising all around my ankle!!  An uncomfortable night followed with my foot aching and feeling as though it had an extra block of wood, to the one I already have, on it.  So, it was decided I would have an easier day today. 

As I sat out in the sun I thought about how healing it can be to one's spirit.  I thought about taking the evil boot off and sunning my foot but decided the neighbourhood had enough scary sights without me adding to it.  

We have friends coming over soon for a few late afternoon drinks -  the evenings are still nice enough to sit outside and I'm really looking forward to some wine and nibbles.

On the ride to work the other morning I saw someone jogging in the park and I thought "I wish I could run"   
LOL -  I haven't  willingly  run in 30 years!! 

I have to learn to walk again yet …..  I will have ups and downs in the progress and must remind myself to not try to run before I can walk!

Probably for awhile my life will be a little like a set of escalators – every up day will have a corresponding down day…

  I took this photo in the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney, Australia.

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  1. Healing takes great patience. I learned that earlier this year. Inactivity is sometimes the only answer, but the healing is so important. Be careful not to set yourself back!! Enjoy your friends and leisurely day.

  2. Great picture, but bad for you to do so much on your foot, you keep that up and you will need a pair of crutches for ever although a nice fancy cane where you could club people who piss you off or get in your way! you just got to remember that it takes time to heal take it from me it sucks to go from doing everything to being worn out and in pain by doing almost nothing! Although I have seen this wheel chair with tank tracks you can go anywhere and run over a few feet on the way just for fun!

  3. Vertigo! The picture is wonderful when one can feel the dizziness from looking down. LOL I see that others have already told you – healing takes time. It's kind of like recovering from the flu – the first day you feel decent you do everything you can, only to have a set back because you did too much. So it is with injuries! While you can get away with it – relax! hehehe

  4. Take it easy, Emjay. I remember how bloody long it took to recover properly from my broken ankle. Are you having regular physiotherapy? Make sure you keep it up as you don't want to end up with a limp. (Sorry if I sound like your mother 😉 ).
    Love the QVB shot!

  5. LOL vertigo! You know I was really worried about dropping my camera over the railing here! I had the strap around my wrist even though it was cutting the circulation because it is a shortish strap and already threaded through the case. It was my Canon point & shoot and the more photos I took the giddier I felt so that the end shots were taken without actually looking LOL. Your analogy to the flu is very true!

  6. Thank you. Yes, I start physio this Friday. Apparently I will be going 3 or 4 times a week! (scary)…. because I am not allowed to put weight on my foot without my "boot" on I will be lying on a table doing it for 5 weeks. After the boot comes off I go twice a week for another 6 weeks.

  7. I think anything that can help get strength back is worth doing. I am hoping to make most of my appointments near the end of the day so that it's not worth going back to work and I can go home early…. that seems like a good incentive to keep going! LOL.

  8. Take it from me and anti-depressants some times you hit the wall and you have to let it win I lost my mind for a while when I could not do anything I loved to do! It is almost impossible not to want to go and do things but unless you find a real nice cane or wheel chair you want to spend most of the rest of your life with then "put your thumb in your bum and your brain in neutral" & TAKE IT EASY

  9. I'm not sure if you're gonna think this is totally crazy. But whenever I have some big pain or injuries, I try healing myself by thinking positive thoughts about my body and quietly send healing energy from my mind to the injured part. I also envision how it is when the injury is already healed and I can go about my business normally. This helped me greatly. You might want to consider trying. In any case, you will probably feel a little better. God bless!

  10. Goodness gracious, you have quite the man servant! Cinnamon buns and all. Wish mine were as accommodating. Oh well, he DOES do the taxes…Hope that ol' block of wood turns back into a leg soon. Talk to Pinocchio about that…

  11. I have been very lucky to have such a patient man during all of this. I am trying to be a little more helpful now but it is still easier and quicker to get him to carry things! LOL. I think I can wriggle my foot a little more each day – it is amazing the amount of effort it takes a signal to get from my brain to my foot though!

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