Laugh or Cry

I live in a tragi-comedy.  Yesterday afternoon, as I was hobbling on my crutches,  along the footpath towards my front steps, I was forced to "step" out of the way of a weaving drunk man.  Before I realised it, I had apologised for being in his way.   He took a huge faltering step towards me and asked if I needed help.

"No, I'm fine.  I'm pretty good on these" (indicating the crutches).

Slurring, he says "Here I can help you"

No, I'm right thank you, I respond a little more firmly.

He stumbles about 5 steps from me, unzips and proceeds to urinate on my neighbours front path!


This morning I decided that grey hair is not for me yet – especially now that  I am a bit more mobile.

On my taxi rides to work I had noticed a nice looking place about 4 blocks from here.  This morning I rang them……  

Hello,  can I make an appointment for next Saturday to have highlights done.
I'm not here next Saturday.
Oh -  is the salon closed?
No – It's open but I'm not here.
Oh – well can I make an appointment with someone else?
Call back on Tuesday.
Me (confused) – can't I make an appointment today for next Saturday with just anyone?
Ask her when you call on Tuesday.

WTF?  I'm trying to be supportive of my local business but really this just makes me really suss about the whole place.  Maybe it is a front!


I went down the deck steps into our little courtyard this morning for the first time in 6 weeks.  The roses are still blooming and I wanted to take some photos of them.  As I'm happily clicking away I notice a guy appear in the alley and start to urinate on a garage door across from us.  He sees me and starts shouting out "sorry lady,  sorry lady"  as he finishes and packs himself away.


Drug deals,  public urination and a business that doesn't want my business  – I've got it all.  Oh, but I do have some nice roses!!



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  1. Thank you Pat … still a few buds to open. I was pleased to find them because I had missed most of them because of my foot/ankle and not going outside for most of the summer!

  2. Makes you wonder what sort of "customers" they want …….. LOL – my arms and shoulders are looking good! Crutches even work the abs you know! (though I might need a few more months of use for that area).

  3. Lovely roses. All this outdoor urinating is awful. Men are so strange. I caught my landlord peeing off the office back steps. He has a restroom in the office. Men I swear a whole different species. snerk*Glad you are getting around some.

  4. OMGoodness!Any chance the drunk was answering the phone for the hairdresser?That sux about the appt — how crazy to not help a potential client!And two guys wetting near you? that's just creepy. Are they "marking" your house as tpart of rheir territory?Hooray for hair dye……those roses are GORGEOUS!!!!!!

  5. Sometimes humanity makes you wonder… I have been wondering a lot lately. But at least you were able to get out and "smell the roses". Mine are all gone. One of the minuses of living in the northern climes. But with the weather hitting 70 this weekend, the mums are gorgeous and the fall color is magnificent ( one of the benefits!)And hairdressers? That is one reason I color my own, and have a barber do my cuts.

  6. Yes they are really beautiful Roses_ however you said it was a transition neighborhood what is the transition too??? you would have more fun running wires all over the neighborhood and when you see them peeing flip a switch to electrify the wires like the electric fencers used on the farm record it and put it up on U-Tube lots of viewers!

  7. Sounds like you had a series of incidents that sometimes accumulate into what I would call 'a bad day'. Well, your community must need more toilets and hair salons with all these men peeing everywhere and the apparent lack of competition for business!
    Beeaaauuuttiffull roses! Could never grow them here properly!

  8. are they urninating on the roses – is that why they are so beautiful?
    I would take that as fair wanring to choose another hairdresser if I were you – the universe is warning you – welcome to the world of foils to hide the grey!!!!!

  9. Yes – dogs can be better behaved! LOL. I have a pink rose and a white rose also but they were looking a little too wilted for a decent photo. Maybe I will look for buds on them tomorrow.

  10. I have geraniums which are still looking fabulous – I must photograph them tomorrow – we don't have much colour in the leaves here yet. I taxi through Rock Creek Park on my way to work and was noticing this week how green it still looks.

  11. LOL .. my brother once did that on the electric fence! Taxi drivers tell me that 5 years ago they would not have come into this area so I guess we have transitioned forward a bit.

  12. LOL – yes I should look at it as a genuine gentlemanly offer! I laugh at the image of me accepting and how we would have been holding each other up! Wow – your customer service is like that? Here, where a lot of people "work" for tips they usually try a bit harder.

  13. LOL – yes he had old fashioned manners. I have to ask young sober men to open doors for me! Maybe the salon is making too much money to want another pesky customer! In these times I wouldn't think businesses could afford to turn people away.

  14. LOL. I am surprised that anyone can afford to turn away business at the moment. Oh well I am going to trek across town to my old hairdresser. I just thought I was doing the right thing in trying to support my local business. My mother used to grow wonderful roses – we have only lived in this house for a year so the previous owner is really responsible for these.

  15. LOL my wildlife! I'm not sure what type of roses they are – they were here when we moved in last year. Once they started to flower my mother told me to prune them back each time a rose died and they would shoot and rebloom and she was right! They are very fragrant – it's a nice corner in my little garden.

  16. LOL – yes I laughed about the weeing men but I was actually quite annoyed about the hairdresser – I really wanted to like them LOL. Thank you re the rose – it is actually a much darker red in "real" life but the sun was really bright.

  17. I laughed, sorry, but at least like you said you have roses, right, and they smell nice, small consilation i know, but, hey hows this, i'm ravan, now you know me lol

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