Rigor Foot

What a terrible night's sleep I had last night.  The clunky piece of wood-foot, which is now nailed onto my twig-leg, did not like its freedom from the cast.  I could not get it comfortable.  It does not "bend" at the ankle so it won't "flop" comfortably.

When the cast came off yesterday my leg reminded me of this landscape.  It was dirty, arid, scaley and had a zig-zag scar through it! 

I took this photo at Haleakala on the island of Maui.

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  1. Love the photo at first I thought of the controversy over faking the moon landing which was on TV with the myth busters I thought except for the little green plant it could have been a moon scape but I love it what a great photo and a great comparison to the foot! I was also thinking you new boots are like those runners with the pump in the tong, so you can give it a few pumps and tell everyone your ready to give an ass kicking now! The Heaven of a removed cast!

  2. The leg will look better pretty quickly. When I had my cast off my whole leg looked like some weird, withered, alien leg. And it smelled funny (not in a good way). It didn't take long for it to look a lot better although getting the muscle definition back took a wee bit longer. Persevere with it and it will feel much more normal in no time!

  3. LOL …. I'm pretty sure there was some mouldy growth in there somewhere. It's an amazing landscape up there – we got up one morning to watch the sun come up and it seems to come over the globe. Amazing. This shot was taken in the afternoon.

  4. Thanks re the photo… I was pleased at all the photos I took up there. Yes – it has to get better – surely it can't get any skinnier, scalier or more wooden! LOL

  5. LOL … yes the moon landing conspiracy! I will have to post more photos as it really does look like a moonscape. I hope I don't put too much air in and lift off from the ground! ha ha.

  6. I suppose after 79 days in casts it is pretty "set" at this angle for a little while. I did feel a slight "loosening" in it today so hopefully I am about to have a better night.

  7. Thanks re the photo….. not much insect life up there. It's pretty amazing how atrophied we get! And how weird our limbs end up looking when we are not watching them! LOL.

  8. ((((((((((((((((((((castofffoothugs))))))))))))))))))))I'm so sorry — did they warn you about this? i think they should tell people ahead of time — it'll do better but at first it's AWFUL!!!! (((((((morehugs)))))))

  9. No – they didn't mention it. I think they just like to get you in and out and hope you don't ask questions. It never occurred to me that it would be like this but if I had thought about it, it makes sense after being in a cast for 79 days it was going to be "set". I think it is starting to loosen up now while I sleep……..

  10. I had a cast on my arm for several weeks in senior year of high school — they told me that my arm would be "very different" when the cast came off — I guess they figured they should since i was going to college as a music major– with a minor in piano – what a nightmare– I felt like a had a dead fish arrahced to my shoulder instead of an arm. It looked sort of like one too. But they come back pretty fast, usually — and if you can sleep better that's wondeful!!

  11. I was expecting it to look withered and it didn't disappoint there! LOL. Ooh – that would have been quite frightening for you I imagine. At least I am not a ballet dancer – now there's an image LOL.

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