Nearly there……

I am nearly at the end of the cast "adventure".   Sometimes the road to this last day has looked like this:  a very long road with no end in sight: 

I went into the first cast on July 18th.  I had surgery on Friday August 22nd and on Monday 25th they whacked me back into another cast.   I have had black casts, purple casts and a green cast.  Luckily none of these colours clashed terribly with my clothes.

Sometimes getting places with the cast and crutches has seemed like a trek over this:

But, I have managed to get to the other side – and with only a few falls.

Now, eleven weeks and two days later, today is the last day of the hard cast!   Tomorrow morning I will make the trip down the front steps and off to the doctor to have the cast removed and an airboot "installed".   In my mind I see myself getting into that airboot and just waltzing out of his office.  The reality is, that after that length of immobility and surgery, I will probably be hobbling out with the aid of the crutches.

What am I looking forward to …….  getting that poor leg washed and being able to sleep without being encased!!              Yippee – just one more big sleep to go!!!!!!

* Both photos were taken in Australia by me. The road is somewhere in the Northern Territory between Uluru and Alice Springs.  The "rock" is Uluru just after sunrise.  

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  1. Yay! It certainly has been a long journey, full of adventures along the way (international intrigue, dangerous falls, learning to balance wine on crutches), and look where you are now!!We want pictures. šŸ™‚

  2. LOL …. Yes I became very adept with carrying things – maybe inventive is a better word! If you want something badly enough you will figure it out – ie; the wine! LOL. I hope you don't want a photo of my dirty, hairy leg! LOL …

  3. LOL … I am being sooooo careful today – just sitting around not doing much. I would hate to fall over/down and break the other foot/leg. I might even go down those steps on my butt tomorrow morning just to make sure!

  4. Ha ha LOL. I hope the airboot is as tall as the cast – I go from the doctor to work so I won't have a chance to wash/shave until I get home. LOL – I can see me at lunchtime shaving my leg in the restroom!!

  5. Your pictures are a beautiful testament to the journey you have been on with that cast. I know you have to be ready to get it off! Not having to drag that weight – even though I know today's casts are lighter weight than they used to be. Get back to normal soon!

  6. Beautiful pictures Emmy. I love that you bring Australia to me. Just one more sleep! Will you be able to remove the airboot to shower? You have had such a good spirit about you during your long journey, I am so proud of you. I know it must have been frustrating to tears at times. ((((hugs)))

  7. LOL…. yes I will be boring you all with more photos of Australia and Hawaii! I just have to come up with stories for them. Don't mind a good chardonnay … Napa Valley?

  8. LOL ….. my doctor already thinks I'm a little weird for whipping my camera out in his office, maybe he wouldn't think anything if I pulled out a razor before he shows me how to put the airboot on. That way I wouldn't have to squash in the restroom at work.

  9. Thank you Gina. I am looking forward to being able to put my foot down. This does get heavy on the end of my leg with having to bend it backwards at the knee to get around on the crutches. You would think this would mean it is building up the quad muscles in that leg but it doesn't seem to have! LOL.

  10. Thank you Karen. I'm a pretty determined and cheery person but I did have a few pity-me days… mostly when I found I couldn't do something and got frustrated. Yes I can take the airboot off to shower and when I go to bed – that is going to feel wonderful. On Monday night I will be filling up the bath and turning on those jet-things ….. We've been in the house one year this week and I've only used the spa things once! LOL …. we don't seem to be able to get enough hot water up to the bathroom.

  11. Glad to know you'll still be posting your fabulous pics and words! Chardonnay is good from just about anywhere. I sort of like the Paso Robles stuff the best. Three Blind Moose and The Smoking Loon are in my fridge right now, though. Fits my current budget.

  12. Not a Fox Trot or a Cha! Cha! well maybe not a twist you could re end back up in a hard cast! It seems like a long time but I guess it would be nice not to have such a hindrance and to get off the cast so scratching, bathing and Moisturizing can happen would seem like heaven! (Had casts never keep them on long drove me nuts) Good luck with the new air boots! No more casts in your future I hope!

  13. I can't imagine not "voxing" anymore …. especially with all the miserable weather of winter coming our way! I'll be hibernating inside with my computer on weekends! I'm more of a red wine person in winter, white in summer.

  14. LOL – in the "good" old days we had some sort of electric element thing which you plugged into a power point and put into the water – doesnt' that sound dangerous???!! LOL. Yes I have been carefully sitting down all day today and tomorrow morning I will be a slow coach to the rental car!

  15. Yes it has been a long time – 79 days today! LOL – who's counting! Can't wait to start slathering cream on that scar! And, I hope to never be in another cast in my lifetime!

  16. Thank you Maju. LOL – yes, there is something about outback Australian roads that makes them very identifiable. Even though there are many similarities between the Outback and Arizona/New Mexico the roads are quite distinguishable.

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