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Recently I saw a QoTD asking people what their favourite board games were.

I didn't answer it because I have never had a favourite board game due to a number of "unpleasant" childhood experiences!   As a child (ok, AND as a young teenager) I was mostly banned from playing board games because I was a very poor loser.

I assumed that because I was the eldest of four, I should be better than my siblings and so if I started to lose I would change the rules or cheat until I was sent to my room. Hence, although I started many games I probably finished very few.

Sad to say this "habit" did not stop at board games…. we had a table tennis table and I was really bad at it but I was very inventive with the rules ….  they changed minute by minute.  I just kept telling my younger siblings that THEY just weren't getting it. LOL…

My father was the President of the golf club and I used to play Juniors Golf on Saturday – … one day there was an invitational day and my best friend came with me. She had never played before but was pretty certain that air swings DID count.   I didn't invite her again!

At University friends invited me to play 500 (like Euchre) but apparently one of the skills required to do well is a good memory…. playing 500 was a short phase.

The motto of my life when it comes to games has mostly been if I don't think I can win it I don't want to play it!  LOL.

PS:  I was a really good Canasta player in my 20's – maybe because I drank slightly less than those I played with!


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  1. LOL … I hate those acting out games too!! I get stressed and can't think of an action to describe the word and all that "sounds like" …. stuff! Horrible!! I like reading – by myself! 🙂

  2. we I will have to play you some time I usually loose and don't get too excited about it! some people and I guess I now have to lump you in with the winning is everything! I could tell you stories of people trying to loose against me but I was always good at being able to loose against them, I probably have enough skill to win in most things but I never found it important, I suppose if it was for my life but I enjoyed to see how happy the winners looked especially girls/ woman because the guy's they knew always expected to win or never let a girl beat them!I really never pictured you as that type of win at all cost type of person!

  3. Ha, you can play with me. I'll let you win every time. I love to lose in games so that people won't keep telling me how good I am. I got too much attention in my childhood, so I would do anything to avoid being noticed.

  4. LOL – I was mostly poking fun at myself here. I did grow out of this win-at-all-cost attitude, but I never really have got into board games or computer games.

  5. LOL! I was a poor loser as a child, too. I remember once overturning the Chinese Checkers board–sending marbles flying everywhere–because I was losing. I agree with what you said: "…if I don't think I can win it I don't want to play it!"

  6. well you should computer games are great you can cheat put your character in god mode and just kill everything It is more for the wanting to let off steam and kill everything then learn more it the quest of useless knowledge! And I know it was more of a flash back giving reason why you do not play board games! Although it tells me you more about you as a kid!

  7. I mostly enjoyed playing board and card games with my family as a kid, but by the time we were in our teens my sisters and I were incredibly competitive with each other, and still are when we play games together, though in general we're also good losers. I can be extremely competitive with other people too, especially at word games like Boggle that I know I'm good at, but at games where I know I'm not so good I don't care too much if I don't win.

  8. Thats too funny Emmy….changing the rules. I never cheated at anything, I guess I'm like Gina, afraid the sky will fall or I'll get struck by lightning or something. Air swings in golf are called "practice swings" unless you are keeping score! :))

  9. That's a side to you I wouldn't have guessed about, Emjay. 🙂
    We all have our human foibles. I was quite awful to my only sibling–six years younger brother. Whenever anything such as a lampshade got broken or damaged I'd alway say he did it and point to my brother.
    He remembers it to this day and I don't think he's quite forgiven me.

  10. Ha-ha, are you sure you were not my sister? She cheated and changed the rules too. The only difference was that it was my little sister and mom thought it was "cute" that she was winning against her two big sisters.

  11. LOL!!!!! And ((hugs)) too — I understand a lot of this, not because I was the oldest kid but bec I had no siblings at all. I rarely played board games. Sometimes my Mom would play, to help me learn numbers, etc., but mostly I was without them. When I DID play, I wanted to not lose so bad I'd proclaim new rules and whine… neighbors were all older and I just didn't want to lose…I had no competitve spriit at all, so I sucked at strategy etc — I just didn't want to look stupid. Ugh. I cringe every time I see a board game, now!

  12. LOL! That's funny …. my youngest sister used to blame my friend for everything naughty she did. When our mother would ask "who did/broke..?' She would reply "Julie X did that" – and she would sound so sincere we would all crack up laughing!

  13. We are funny creatures. It is only when we get older that we realise how badly it looks to be so "innovative" with the rules. My best friend still reminds me about the golf and also an embarrassing time she came to stay at my place and I spent the day in my room after not playing some stupid magic robot game "properly". She laughs and I cringe! LOL.

  14. We went to Vegas and I put a quarter in a machine as we walked past and won $20 – which I put in my purse. Neither I nor the manservant gamble… Oh, when we were in Barcelona he put some money in a poker machine so that I could use the restrooms there! He felt uncomfortable just standing in the casino!

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