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A friend from Hawaii arrived on Saturday morning and left today.   It is quite difficult to "entertain" someone when all  at-home time is spent on the couch with leg elevated and bedtime is 9pm!   Luckily our guest was really easy going and didn't expect much attention and the manservant has two working legs!  Best of all we now have an open invitation to her place in Hawaii!

The last time I was in Hawaii we took The Princess and Cat's daughter, Kimba …..

That was in December 2005  – time we thought about going again!


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  1. Are you thinking about the famous Mauna Kea Observatory? Something like a dozen telescopes now? Yeah, now that would be a good reason to visit Hawaii. Or at least a better reason than going to Hawaii just to pick up a good shirt. πŸ™‚

  2. Yes indeed … the manservant goes there a few times a year to observe – though they actually observe "virtually" now rather than going to the summit. LOL the Hawaiian shirt – he never actually came home with one!

  3. I hate the beach (not a good Aussie!) but there is plenty of exploring to do on the islands – not to forget the telescopes! πŸ™‚ Now you're talking my language. The beach has never held any appeal for me and, therefore, I have no real interest in going to Hawaii. But if you can show me some stuff that does interest me I'll pack my little bag and we'll be off! 8:-)

  4. I love Hawaii. I even love the show Lost, sort of because they film on Oahu. Sigh… I want to go back to Hawaii. It's been a couple of years. I even miss the ABC stores all over the place. I think I will go back. Even if I have to go by myself. Last time I went with a man. Phooey. This time I'll go with a gal pal or on my own!

  5. Escaping the cold weather for sun surf and sand! where do I sign up! but you will have to make sure you get better or you will look very funny with a tan over your body except for your foot and leg now that would be a funny sight!

  6. Hawaii rocks.
    I'm dying to go back as well. And yes truly there is much more to do than go in the water–though I enjoy the ocean very much. I found out in Hawaii that I suck at kayaking, however.

  7. You might enjoy Haleakala crater (on Maui) and also the constantly flowing volcano on the Big Island – "sciency" things. πŸ™‚ There are also the beautiful cliffs of Kauai and the interesting history of the leper colony on Molokai'i.

  8. You might enjoy Haleakala crater (on Maui) and also the constantly flowing volcano on the Big Island – "sciency" things. Very cool! I like history things too. Maybe we can take G Bee with us and the three of us can have a really good time!

  9. LOL ….. I can barely swim so I have no desire to do something like kayaking which might put me in the water! I like my boats to have engines and burly men capable of roaring in case of breakdown.

  10. We were going to go to Hawaii a few years ago, then found out there are no casinos there. hahahaha We went to Vegas instead!It looks beautiful. Nice photographs, I love love love the sunset shot. :))

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