What’s for dinner?


Saturday night and I can't decide what to have for dinner…  

Both of these places are in Coonabarabran – Australia.  I have had coffee and a chiko roll from the Eat It place.  I believe the manservant has frequented the Tucker Time many times on his trips out there – it's the novelty! 

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  1. I'm sorry – this was misleading! These were actually taken on my trip home earlier this year – when both my feet were working LOL. This was a small country town not far from where I grew up.

  2. And here I thought you got to go out for a little atmosphere and eats at a nice bright place for a bit of food you should not have!It has me thinking of a hamburger with fried onions! MMMMMUM!

  3. Fair dinkum means "real" or "truthful" – I have no idea what you would get on such a pizza ….. the manservant suggested kangaroo but I doubt it. He is off to Oz in a couple of weeks time – he is now on a mission to find out! 🙂

  4. We have a favourite place for pizzas but I have to be careful with salt while my foot is in the cast – it puffs my foot up and makes it more uncomfortable. We ended up ordering from an El Salvadorean place – which was probably nearly as salty as a pizza! LOL.

  5. Wouldn't that be funny? A couple of sausages with some Tim Tams on the side of the plate! I don't think we have an Aussie "cuisine" as such….. out in the country the meals would be sausages, chops or steak with mashed potatoes and some peas most likely LOL. Food in China was cheaper than the States by a long way too!

  6. Wouldn't that have been wonderful! One more w/end to go in the cast – I'm thinking of having an out-of-cast party! Hamburgers with fried onions sound wonderful! I can hardly wait to have salty foods again – when I don't have to worry about my silly foot swelling up!

  7. You should go there to see in person …… one trip I must go back to my old hometown and take photos. It is probably still "set" in the '50's – not much changes in country towns. I'm not going home again until December 2009 which is when the Locksmith gets married but the manservant has 2 trips before the end of this year!!

  8. LOL, "on a mission to find out." Since pizza originated in Italy I wonder if a pizza qualified as "fair dinkum" is being characterized as "genuine?"
    Hopefully, in one of his two trips (!) before year's end your spouse will let us in on the answer to this mystery! 😉

  9. OH YA! I forgot about what you could or could not eat on meds that sucks so much some times if I spill salt I lick my finger and just taste it like everything that is supposed to be bad for you, besides temperately stopping I would much rather die happy with tasty foods then eating bland food! You should have a good party but don't over due it! plenty of time to sample good foods!

  10. I think we walked by the purple one as we searched for a bathroom. We ended up at Woolworth's down the street. There were a few nice looking places to eat in Coonabarabran, but we didn't stop at any of them. We did, however, go to the post office.

  11. LOL … there is a great Thai restaurant just out of town near the "tourist" telescope. Run by one woman who does the waiting, cooking and serving! She sat and had wine with us when she'd finished cooking!

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