It’s all about the shoe..

Rain!  The very word puts dread into a cast wearer.  

I listened to yesterday's forecast with dismay……  God, I was going to have to wear a plastic bag on my leg.  And, not some fancy designer plastic bag, but a garbage bag secured with a rubber band!

So … yesterday afternoon in the office I wrapped my leg up beautifully and entertained many people as I hobbled off home:

The plastic bag is one thing but check out a close up of the stylish plastic & Velcro shoe:

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  1. You should think about it the amount of people on crutches! You could start your own line of cast covers decorative materials stitched together with Velcro fasteners water proof for wet times and a warmer in case your foot is cold, you could make millions and have your own foot warm and dry!

  2. I was really surprised at the accessories you can buy for crutches. All sorts of pads and even ice picks for winter!! You can also buy special nice waterproof bags for casts and other decorated covers. I think all would be a waste of my money – except maybe those ice picks! LOL.

  3. Oh Emmy, nice look! πŸ˜‰ Why don't you call the hospital and tell them you lost your shoe so you can have one for each foot. Pretty cool they made them brown and not some real weird color like electric blue. How much longer till it comes off? ((((Hugs)))

  4. Hi Liyafendi … no I wish it was a joke! I had surgery on my foot 5 weeks ago and I have been in a cast since and have to put that funny shoe on the bottom to protect my toes a bit. I am not allowed to get the cast wet so when it rained I had to put the plastic bag on my leg to protect it from getting wet. I did laugh at myself because it looked silly.

  5. Yay! Eight more sleeps! woot woot (you are the only other person in the world I know besides me that counts down by sleeps I love that about you) I think you should decorate that shoe like Jilly did her sneakers!

  6. There is just something much more exciting about putting it that way – well, I think so anyway. What are you playing this morning? I like Annie Lennox – I saw her perform as the Tourists in a pub in Sydney way back when I was a poor uni student.

  7. LOL! I jiggle my little fists around as I say it too! There is a lot of child inside me. If I had known Jilly had such talent I would've sent the shoe to her and commissioned a decoration. πŸ™‚

  8. That's pretty mournful sort of music. I prefer to do housework to daggy Abba songs LOL…… I prefer not to do housework! I see myself sitting with a box of chocolates and maybe some tissues listening to Fado music πŸ™‚

  9. LOL!!!
    Nope, but I'm anticipating.
    At each performance of anything with which I'm helping, Marianne-my-producer-friend always says, "JILLIE! Can I buy you a Chardonnay?" I answer, "abso-freaking-loutely."
    "Broken in" is so much more benign. Good idea.

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