Like riding a horse…..

I took this photo from inside the door because I can't be trusted to go out alone….

This is the little path from my front door to the footpath.   Note the little "stage" area at the front door – which is sort of useless, as the door opens outwards, so anytime someone stands on there to knock on the door we get to shove them back down the steps when we open the storm door.  To let me in and out the manservant stands on the neighbour's side of the little white fence there and holds the door open.

I then go down these first two steps on my crutches then along the path and down another 3 or maybe it's 4 steps. I have no problems going down the steps.  But …….

Coming home after work on  Monday I had a near fall on the first set from the sidewalk - I lost my balance and my cast leg swung out sideways far enough to pull a muscle in my thigh and my right bicep strained over the top of the crutch to hold onto that white rail..  Adrenaline pumped so hard it gave me a headache!    

Tuesday afternoon I had to face the demon steps which had somehow grown in height since the previous afternoon. I got up the first lot even though they were trying to psych me out with their new height but when I got to the second lot near the front door I had a big wobbly and ended up having to put my left foot on the ground to prevent myself going over the side and down a drop into azalea bushes.  Yes it hurt!!   Quite a lot actually!

So now I have lost some confidence on both sets.  When I stand looking front-on at them my mind says there is no way my one good leg can "jump" that high!!  Yesterday afternoon I even considered sitting down and coming up on my butt – the only thing that stopped me really was the thought of my good work skirt getting ripped on the cement and that I have 7 more work afternoons to do this and don't think I have 7 "disposable" skirts!

I know this is like having a fall from a horse and getting back on to ride – but I have always been scared of bloody horses and have no desire to ride one.

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  1. The funny thing is that I have been doing these steps on crutches since 18th July! Then suddenly 2 days in a row I have "issues". LOL I even came up these steps after the surgery – obviously I was high on drugs and had no fear!

  2. It certainly looks like a mountain now! 🙂 I contacted my doctor about putting the weight on my foot and he didn't think I had damaged anything – luckily. Most of the bad pain has gone now – I just have a lot of creepy crawly feelings through my foot which are uncomfortable.

  3. I think you need a ski lift. But don't discount a horse. A horse could take you not only up the steps, but go down the steps as well. Of course, you might still need a ski lift to get on the horse… 🙂

  4. Oh, Emjay, I'm so sorry! Sounds like a pain in the butt.I've done the butt-rise thing before. You could put something (paper/plastic/cloth) under your butt to protect the skirt..Do I get a prize for saying butt these many times? 🙂

  5. Oh the joy of being beaten by such a simple thing it is really disheartening, I know it well when 80+year old's used to go zooming by me with there walkers! and a few steps started to look like a flight of the most horrifying steps you had ever seen! especially when your not 100% steady on your feet or have to walk with crutches, a walker would have been more civilized especially with the seat to sit on if your tired and all the carrying room. But unfortunately not the greatest confidence builder for a short term problem but with the 4 wheels on them and the little basket they are sweet compared to crutches! Crutches are like a kick me sign saying temporarily slowed so no help is coming just someone waiting for you to fall!Too bad about your entrance their it almost looks like it is set up for someone in your condition to fail! Are there cameras their to catch your falls!

  6. Ouch!! I am very sorry for you, again. I can see from your photo how hard it is for you to walk back the approach.
    I hope time will help your pain and inconvenience lessoned. But until then, please do take your time and care to avoid another fall.
    It is just a moment of matter to get injured, but, oh, recovery is quite another thing. My rotator cuff injury still requires daily rehabilitation. It has already been 6 months, more than 100-time commuting to the hospital. Its end is not in perspective yet. Let us be patient, Emjay, as we are real patients.

  7. LOL! Very good! Yes, you win the prize… I thought of putting something like a towel down but it seems like admitting defeat. It is funny how one little slip can paralyze the brain and makes it so difficult to do something one has been doing successfully for 2 months. The brain is a weird thing LOL.

  8. Yes – we have to be patient as we heal as it certainly takes longer to heal than it takes to hurt oneself! As I get closer to getting the cast taken off I am being more and more careful – I don't want any setbacks!

  9. I don't do stairs well when I am unmedicated and not on crutches, so I can imagine that after doing stairs with various levels of disability for two months now, it's fatiguing. I don't have any advice for you, but to go slowly (which I am pretty sure you have already figured out! 😉 ).I will keep my fingers crossed that you cross the little time you have left in cast and with crutches without injury to your body or pride.

  10. LOL! Stairs are the cause of many accidents I'm sure. Hurting my pride is probably more of a worry to me than hurting a limb – but it shouldn't be!!! Are we funny creatures!

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