Mike’s Day

My dad was born in 1931 in St Peter Port on the island of Guernsey.  His real name is Max but he was so small and sickly when he was born that there was some doubt as to whether he would survive, so the nurses nicknamed him Mickey after little Mickey Mouse.   He was an only child.  He was evacuated to Cornwall, England, during WW2 when the Germans occupied the islands.  At the end of the war he returned to Guernsey.  

As a young man with adventure in his heart and only a few pounds in his pocket he ran away from home … by boarding a ship headed for Canada via the Indian Ocean.  He was sidetracked when he met an Aussie on board and got off the boat in Sydney, Australia.  He never has been to Canada.

He had a massive stroke when he was about 54 years old and only that same sheer will to survive he had as a baby got him through and to the present day.  At the time of his stroke doctors told us it was highly unlikely he would survive – the same as his parents were told all those years ago.

He is a cranky old man but he is filled with an incredible determination to beat the odds.   

Today is his birthday:


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  1. Thank you Gina – he is pretty amazing ….. when I spoke to him a while ago I made some comment about having many more birthdays and he said "now, now I can't be too ambitious at this age"…! He has always had a good sense of humour.

  2. Yes he is still pretty dapper. I think it was quite distressing to him that some standards had to fall – like button shirts which are too difficult to do. Cat has all the family slides – she is like the official keeper of the records!

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