Spot the fly…

It was such a beautiful morning that I ate my yogurt and had my coffee out on our top deck with my trusty little point and shoot camera on hand.  (Doesn't everyone cart their camera everywhere with them!). 

I snapped photos of the plants which the manservant has surprisingly looked after very well – when I uploaded them I noticed a black "smudge" on one of my photos …. 

It's a fly …….  summer isn't over yet!!   


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  1. LOL – I'm jealous. There was a time when most of us didn't take our cameras out of a drawer unless we were going on holidays. Now I cart it around all the time – luckily this one is light and the cover has a strap which will fit over my wrist – imperative when on crutches! LOL.

  2. I have this plant in a big pot – I don't know the name of it but the flowers are pretty. I live in Washington DC so I expect I am going to have to bring the pot inside when winter comes. Or are they hardy enough to last winter outside?

  3. I think it was around 80 here today – really pleasant – though 74 is about my favourite temperature I think. I was surprised the fly was in such good focus given the distance I took the photo from. (the fly photo is cropped from the other one).

  4. I'm not sure. We call it Autumn Sedum. It is usually grown outside in the ground, so if it is in a protected area, it should be okay. But to be on the safe side, I think I would bring it in. The winters in DC can get pretty cold. Which reminds me, I have some plants that I set out in the flower bed for the summer that I have to bring in before we get a frost. It has been warmer here than usual, too. It was beautiful today.

  5. In Australia there is always "competition" to who sees the first fly – they even report it in the paper (though tongue in cheek) – I just thought it was worldwide. LOL.

  6. Oh no! How could you leave home without it! (that's like that old American Express advertisement…..!). Your phone takes good photos if that is what you are using for your posts!

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