Last Cast

I had a lovely morning re-visiting the couch before my doctor's appointment this afternoon.  He took the stitches out  -  I snapped a photo before the extraction and after  – they are blurry because I didn't have my glasses on to see if my camera was focusing – it was not!!   (for the curious the poor quality photos are in the photo section).

I got my wish for a green cast….  it is quite a nice shade of green really – and lighter than it seems to be in the photo:

In 2 weeks and 2 days this cast absolutely comes off ….   this is really good news!!  I will go into an air-boot then -  it is possible that I might still be on crutches though until I can put weight on my foot without pain.  But at least the air-boot can come off at night.  

The manservant promised me chocolates if I was a good girl when the stitches were being taken out.  After 4 weeks threaded in my skin it did feel as though the doctor was having to rip them out and a couple of times I winced and jerked about as it hurt.  There were no tears though so the manservant raced into a store and got these:

Which look like this inside the box: (and taste delicious inside the mouth!).   

I am so happy about this being the last cast that I am going to have a glass of wine tonight.  I have not had alcohol for 4 weeks and 2 days (I had to stop before the surgery)  -  I suppose I didn't notice the withdrawal symptoms with everything else going on!  ha ha.   I did clear it with my doctor considering I am still on the Lyrica but he said I deserved some – and I will have about 4 hours between imbibing and downing the drugs!    This is what I am going to drink:

It was a good day – but it is going to be a better one on October 6th!  I never thought I would say I am looking forward to being in a cam-walker (airboot)!!!!  

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  1. LOL the daytime tv withdrawals….. it was certainly eye-opening to see what people will do for their 15 minutes! I hope the 2 weeks go quickly too but sometimes the last stretch can seem the longest!

  2. Now there is a yeah to celibate and a little drink will be nice. thankfully you are getting away from that cast and the air boot sounds interesting there like the air boots I have that put pressure on your feet and warm the air! Helping with the circulation… But the one you will wear is going to be different but freedom at night from it and a chance to see your foot! I hope everything is just right when the cast comes off and you have little to no pain putting weight on it!

  3. Thank you Jamie! I am really looking forward to washing this foot!! LOL. And starting to put cream on my scar! The airboots are also called cam-walkers – they allow you to put weight on your foot but you can't move your ankle. I suppose I will be walking funny! ha ha. Here is a link about them here

  4. Too bad it is like a Henry Ford "you can have any color you wish as long as it is black" but my god it sounds so much better then a cast I am surprised they didn't let you have it right now! Oh well you will be photographing drug transactions and wobbling around soon as you get that on!

  5. LOL! That little box was only 125gm and there's still some left! Alan sent me 4 kg of cadburys…. cost him $66 to post. He paid it to get here "quickly" – it got to LA in a day but then took another 7 days to get to DC! I am saving it for the physio rewards!

  6. Thank you magnifika – I hope you enjoyed your wine as much as I enjoyed mine. LOL. Everyday will be a countdown now to the end of the cast. Soon I will be playing tennis like your friend! 🙂

  7. LOL the toenails…. they are pretty messy close up – it is amazing how much having a cast affects your ability to get to your toes! It's because the foot can't bend forwards. That chocolate was really nice – I still have some left – as Cat notes it's not a good idea to eat when one is not moving much! LOL.

  8. LOL …. yeah black is the colour of choice where the airboot is concerned. When I was watching that little video I was thinking that I am going to have to allow an extra 10 minutes when I am getting ready just to get all those straps done up!

  9. Don't they have coloured ones there? I kept seeing little kids here with coloured casts so I thought it was to make them feel better. I was surprised to be offered colours! They have purple, pink, green, blue, yellow, black.

  10. LOL – after being in a cast since July 19th this leg is looking pretty slim! I will be wrapping my other leg in black! I think with the airboot I will be able to wear trousers – I should be able to tuck the left leg into the boot. That will be nice as my right leg is very pale and white and will start to feel the cold soon!

  11. Love your new hunter green cast!
    Wine and choccies–sounds like you are being pampered–as it should be. 🙂
    The airboot looks like it will be a welcome change. I suppose you'll just have to settle for the non-choice in colour when you trade up.
    All the best to you, Emjay!

  12. LOL … yes all sickness should be treated with choccies and wine! I will just be so happy to get into the airboot that the lack of colour won't worry me at least for the first week…. ha ha!

  13. LOL … no, I don't normally have chocolates in the house as I can't trust myself not to eat them all in one or two sittings – but I think I remember you telling me that you can eat just one chocolate?

  14. Please keep up LOL (joke)…. I just had to have a "new" colour for the last cast! Wait until the celebration in 2 weeks time – though I do wonder how I can improve on wine and chocolate! 🙂

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