Shortened Week


Well, I have survived my first week back at work – it helps that my week  finished on Thursday!    

Tomorrow I am taking a vacation day – and going to the doctor.  He will remove the external stitches and then whack another cast on.  Hopefully this will be my last cast!!!!   I hope he has a stock of green casts tomorrow – I really want a green one! 

So tomorrow it will be farewell to the purple cast  ………   I found this purplish flower in Australia and assume it is a wildflower because it was in abundance in paddocks with kangaroos grazing around it. 

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26 responses

  1. I wonder if these flowers are in the lavender family – they remind me of the lavender grown around here.
    Good luck in getting your green cast tomorrow! Glad you made it through your week, short though it may have been, I don't imagine it felt that way to you.

  2. Hope your cast is not yellow with purple polka dots on it. I sorta agree with Cat, if you have your heart set on green…but look on the bright side, if it is Army green, you might get a lot more respect from the cab drivers you attract! 🙂

  3. Good luck on Green for a cast, and hopefully it is the last! such a pain to have to ware a cast!and that flower is really nice although by the way it looks it actually may be a weed but either way it is still very attractive. Good luck with the cast and hopefully you have no problems loosing the stitches should take more photos!

  4. When I broked my leg tendon, It was a strange feeling. Like a second life. Walking is natural for human but in normal condition we forget that we can loose this capacity which is as natural as breathing.

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