Watching the Clock

I'm not watching the clock!  Oh no, not me!     

I have survived two days of work….   went home at 4pm yesterday and stretched it out till 4.30pm today.  Tomorrow I might make it till 5……  

Is it Friday night yet?

I took this photo of the Great Australia Clock in the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney.  This clock stands 10 metres tall and weighs 4 tonnes.   It depicts 33 scenes from Australia's history from both an Aboriginal and European perspective. An Aboriginal hunter continuously circles the exterior of the clock to represent never-ending time.

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23 responses

  1. Now that is a clock I would watch from standing below it!…. Soon you will be a full time disgruntled employee like everyone else, instead of the Hurt disgruntled employee who has the have we made it to the weekend yet attitude!

  2. Yes it is an interesting clock – there is also a more "regal" clock in the building but I couldn't find a photo of it – maybe I didn't take any! Took busy standing watching this one LOL.

  3. So your a people watcher, some times I find it bad to think that way of people but I think it is a natural thing is to watch people and all the things they do wear or whatever some times you have to laugh at others for the reasons you would never do that or you have done that but my god it sure can kill a lot of time and be so fun doing it

  4. I love to go somewhere and actually watch people watching other people. I get to imagine what they are thinking or whether they are looking for an easy mark to rob! It's a fascinating exercise.

  5. It's been pretty tiring but I think next week will be much better. I got the arnica – hope it is working inside the cast! 🙂 The hardest thing about taking it was figuring out how to open the container!! LOL

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