I had worried that I was going to have a glut of tomatoes – but really we kept up with the production there -  I think they are heirloom tomatoes as they are not very big and I had to use a couple to make a tomato sandwich. 

However, we do have a glut of peppers (capsicums & chillies).  On the top deck we are growing capsicums and long thin peppers.   The capsicum plant does not look sturdy enough to produce these but it keeps on giving more. 

More capsicums on the way

Chillies like decorations:

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  1. you got to like it though you got enough to sample from your own garden that's the best, but you need to grow yourself some spices and other type plants that can be grown all year round like herbs. But you will get to know what works best in pots and planters and you just might end up making salsa or something next year but the best is to do it outside on in a stainless steel pot over a burner!

  2. Actually all my herbs did really well except the cilantro which went to seed really quickly. My strawberries were delicious too – so I wouldn't have starved this summer. Not too sure what I would grow in winter to eat.

  3. The long skinny ones are hotish – the capsicums are not. We have some smaller hotter ones growing as well as some banana ones which are not hot. There is choice for all tastes πŸ™‚

  4. I wonder why they stay green? Is it lack of sun/sun warmth? Our bush is still producing tomatoes but they are getting smaller and smaller – I guess it is running out of nutrients. I can not believe the number of peppers the (capsicum) plant has produced.

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