Feeding up

Cat is going to be horrified at what we are feeding her son!  

Today was a veritable feast of oil, batter and salt.   I think there was some fish, chicken and potato in small amounts.

He needs feeding up anyway…. ……

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14 responses

  1. well I can never fill him, and he's one of those annoying people who can eat mounds and mounds of food and never gain any weight. A bit like our brother. He did mention to Daz he had a an enormous amount of fish and chips.

  2. They had a misunderstanding on the order and came home with fish & chips for 5 – for the 3 of us PLUS a kilo of fried chicken! LOL – I was lamenting the fact that we didn't have a cat or dog to give the leftovers to …… there were NO leftovers!!

  3. And I still have a perfect body, we say a lot of things but I will admit it is always nice to go visiting especially with the chance to sample anthers cooking even if you don't 100% like it you always find a new and delicious taste in something if only you try!

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