The deal

Yesterday when I was enjoying my coffee and photographing my cactus collection I also witnessed a drug deal going down.   

I took photos from the safety of my chair as I was a bit worried that fiddling around trying to get organised onto my crutches would draw attention to myself – I didn't think that was a very good idea.

Users used to go into the tin garage/shed but it seems the owners have secured it so they can't get in and addicts are forced to "partake" in the alley.  The police were doing occasional drive-throughs and one Officer told the manservant that he had found an O'D'd person in there.  Perhaps that prompted the securing of the shed. 

Unpleasant, but a fact of living in a transitional neighbourhood.  The police know it goes on – our neighbours call them all the time, but once the cops get here everyone has gone.  This whole transaction and use took less than 10 minutes.

This is a cropped deal ….    first the dealer counts the money: 


Then the drug is shared:





Smoking the pipe: 



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41 responses

  1. Whoa! Investigative photographer now! Probably best that they didn't see you or the glint off your camera lens!
    I had to laugh at your collection of somewhat dead cacti – I thought plants were supposed to look like that…at least all the ones I plant do.

  2. What you need to do is put up some cameras and have others do the same with motion lights so it is really conspicuous and everyone would see them it would get them out of your neighborhood at least the smart ones if there is such a thing!

  3. LOL – thought plants were supposed to look like that! That's funny. I only had my point & shoot camera – I don't think they do much "glinting". Actually now that I think about it the sun was behind me too – lucky! 🙂

  4. I was sitting with my head about railing height and just holding the camera higher but I think they were way too intent on getting their hits. Only the dealer sort of kept his face to the shed. As it was a work day there were no other neighbours about. On w/ends we used to see the users going into the shed all the time but never an actual deal. The dealers used to hang bags of crack on bushes on the street until the police had the bushes removed.

  5. We have motion lights that light up both our backyard and the piece of alley outside our fence (and a bit to each side). Some nights our place must look like a lit up Christmas tree LOL. The manservant was just asking on the w/end if I wanted to put a camera on our bottom deck – maybe I will rethink it. Sadly I don't think the addicts go away unless we can get rid of their supply.

  6. Emjay, you are a hoot!
    I don't think you need to be scared–just smart and cautious–which you obviously are.
    You mention that this is during work hours. This is sad to me because it's more than just about crack smoking. It's a picture of part of American society that we tend not to want to think about.
    Thank you for sharing.

  7. Thanks Margy – I don't think they noticed me at all & being a work day they would not expect anyone to be around as there probably normally isn't. The only reason I am home is because of the foot…..

  8. Thank you RM – I will be careful – only a couple more days enjoying coffee on the deck before I have to go back to work! Hopefully there will be no more excitement for me!

  9. I'll echo what others have been saying –including the reference to Rear Window that I hoped would be original to me– for gawsh sakes BE CAREFUL. You probably ought to leave the photo surveillance to the pros. — JG

  10. Yes very "Rear Window" …… there is something quite annoying though, about having one's enjoyment of coffee on their deck interrupted by an illegal activity. It was sort of a wrong place at the wrong time event – I wouldn't feel comfortable stalking anyone with my camera (even though it is only about as big as a deck of cards).

  11. I think there are just too many similar situations around me for the police to afford cameras. We do have cameras at the metro and on some of the main street corners. The police need to do more foot patrols and get out in the neighbourhoods, meeting the people and perhaps moving the addicts and dealers away – of course then it becomes someone else's problem rather than being solved. It makes you glad you live out where you do, doesn't it! 🙂

  12. It does! I know there are problems with meth labs and weed growing, but at least it isn't in my backyard. But you are right, if they weren't doing it in your backyard, it would be in someone else's. One year, my hubby discovered that the kid who was renting the house on top of the hill from us was growing marijuana in his garden out in front of the house. He had let the horseweeds grow up around it, so we couldn't see it until the weeds started to die down and loose their leaves. Hubby finally figured it out one day when he went by the house on his tractor so he was up higher then he was in the truck.

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