A birthday & A welcome


Today the Princess is 19 years old!     She was a real cutie at her 1st birthday -  I have no idea why she is wearing a snowman sweatshirt in September in Sydney, Australia! 

Here is a photo she sent me yesterday…….  I am interested in the owner of the hairy arm who seems to have been cropped off my version!  

Also today Cat's son arrives for a couple of days with us….    I was thinking that if it was a woman coming to visit I would be attempting to vacuum on crutches and throwing things in cupboards.   As it is a teenage boy who has been traipsing around Europe, living on banana sandwiches  he is most likely only interested in the kitchen and his bed. I asked Cat whether he was getting from the airport via shuttle or metro so that I knew when I should start worrying about him. She replied: " I just find worrying about him all the time works." 

I snagged this photo from Cat's site: And I can bet he is not going to look this clean cut now: 

So Happy Birthday Princess & Welcome Aussie Adventurer.

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  1. LOL @ the image of all those hairy arms! She now tells me the guy was "just a good friend" but that it was an awful photo of him! Ha ha. The young man got me coffee this morning – it doesn't get any better than that! 🙂

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