Who says ..

                      you can't kill cactus?

Now that I don't have to keep my leg 4" above my heart most of the time, I ventured out onto the deck today!  With the exception of 2 trips to the doctor in the last two & half weeks I have not been outside!  I sat on the lower deck with a cup of coffee, the last few chapters of "The Book Thief"  and my camera.

I took photos of my lovely very alive cactus – simply because it is alive and it's a good record to have of it being so:

But, then I thought – oh Emjay, why not show the true state of your cacti collection

I especially like the way this one just sort of keeled over: 

Then I have one that can't quite decide whether it is worth the effort to live at my place:

The tops of the alive and the dead – both beautiful in their own way:


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  1. What is it with all of you cacti murderers LOL. I love cacti and have about 60 different cacti/succulents. Perhaps you're not watering them enough Emjay. They like a good soaking at least once a week in Summer. I tend to water mine twice a week in summer, particularly if they are in small pots, and not at all in Winter (I also move them out of the rain). During Autumn & Spring I water them less frequently.

  2. Love your cactus or is that cacti ??? Love the photos of them and to your question YES I have murdered many cactus in my life time when I gave them love and did all the things you were supposed to and death came to many of them when I gave up and treated them badly and what happened a sickly one grew up strong and healthy and exceptionally large go figure! And yes I had to also have my legs higher then my heart I figured it would have been easier to hang me by the ankles!!! Get better soon!

  3. I think where you might have gone wrong is the watering thing, they don't need a lot of watering but I'm fairly sure that they do need some. I'm sure if you add a bit of water they'll come back to life. This is the principle I work on and it explains why I have a house full of dead plants. Except geraniums which ar ethe hardiest little buggers in the world.

  4. Cactus thrive on neglect. Did you say you've had a pretty wet summer? They might be overwatered, but they look dry. lol…I am so glad you got out on the deck to shoot some pictures gf. (((hugs)))How is it feeling? (the leg)

  5. I think the little sign in the one pot needs a little faux buzzard to sit over it. lolI especially like the one that keeled over dead.I've been letting Mother nature take care of my ivy for now, but pretty quickly I'll have to bring it inside so it doesn't freeze to death at night.

  6. Awwwwwwwwwww,,,,,sad.They are very touchy sometimes. Really.They can often go without water for prolonged periods, but they're still fussy in their way. And they can get pests that kill them if they're a little under the weather — scale, stuff like that.((hugs))l

  7. LOL – perhaps this is a nation of closet cacti killers! My one remaining alive one seems to be thriving and it probably gets watered once a fortnight. I am going to have to bring it inside once winter gets here – then it might miss the sun.

  8. LOL! You know I thought the same thing about my leg! It seems they should put you in some sort of harness attached to a freestanding frame! ha ha If I had an old wrought iron bed it would have been wonderful to tie it up to the top of the bedhead!

  9. That's a thought actually – maybe it is. There's not a lot I can do about that so I might have to give up my quest to grown them outside. They might do ok on my back windowsill.

  10. The whole water thing seems to be such a delicate balance – and then nature throws in its storms and my schedule gets confused. Your photos always show lovely flowers!

  11. The whole water thing seems to be such a delicate balance – and then nature throws in its storms and my schedule gets confused. Your photos always show lovely flowers!

  12. Those dead cactus are very sad indeed.
    Strange plants they are. My son brought a tiny little round one home from school as a Mother's Day gift. They'd painted little pots for them. We had no plants at the time as our windows either faced north or toward an alley so I put it on the top shelf of the family computer station where the boys knocked it on the floor at least once a week. They could not kill it, though. Ten years later and it's tall(ish) and robust though it bears a few battle scars.

  13. nooooooooooooooo….very serious! Here's the first hit in a search for "cactus plant scale pests" – out of many.The little spikes and needles they have are only menat to keep away critters — birds, small mammals, etc — not the dangerous pests that can attack succulents.And most of the bad things are TINY and hide in places you can't see, until they do a lot of damage.It's true that they can't fight back as well if they need water or are overwatered, but still….unless you totally under or over did water, or left them to freeze, it's likely you didn't directly kill them. You may have just made it tougher on them to survive. MAYBE. ((hugs))

  14. Thanks! I finally went out yesterday and pulled a ton of weeds and grass. I hadn't done that in some time. When you just take close ups, you don't have to worry so much about the weeds! We have gotten enough rain this summer to keep things green without watering. It's amazing! We haven't had any bad storms either.

  15. Oh – you are so cute trying to make me feel better about my cactus deaths! 🙂 I think a combination of neglect and overcare may have contributed to their death. It was probably like a famine & glut situation for them and their little systems couldn't cope! I am trying to be more consistent with the survivor. I did look at that site though – it's interesting. I do have mealy bugs on my bay tree – they are hardy little buggers! 🙂

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