Slight relapse

I can say with certainty that THE most important part of our body is the foot!  If something goes wrong with it, it sucks! 🙂
I may never wear heels again – as a preventative measure. 

After a couple of nights of abnormal pain (of a more intensive kind than I had been having) my doctor had me go in and he cut off the cast to have a look.  It was just as I suspected – covering stitches with a cast is just not a good idea!    The section along the side of my foot has been "weeping" and is "soft"  but not really infected.  I am going onto antibiotics anyway.

A patch, about 2" square, below my toes is dead.  The doctor called it numb.  I call it  d-e-a-d!    The hideous, stinging, burning pain goes from the second last toe (which is also dead along with the little toe) through that dead square to the outer ankle bone.  It is weird that something so dead can be feeling such pain!   The doctor assures me that it is just numb and that feeling is going to come back, but that it might take up to 6 months.   I have to say that all those screaming nerves are way past irritating!  

So, after dolloping some antibiotic cream on the stitches, a new cast was put on, my Lyrica dosage was increased and I got a script for antibiotics.   I requested a green cast today, but they had run out of that so I went back into purple. (I resisted the urge to go with pink – too much Cindy McCain). 

I can move my toes – but not much.  While I was lying on my stomach having the new cast put on the doctor asked me to wriggle my toes.  Then he repeated it.  I said "I AM"  …   LOL.   It felt like moderate movement to me but must have actually been pretty miniscule!  My homework is to keep wriggling whenever I think of it – it will help the nerves re-establish themselves and will help loosen the tendon which is going to be tight with all that stitching.

I took my camera today and took some photos of the stitches.  I don't want to gross anyone out so I won't post them here in the actual post but I will put one in the "photo" section for the ghouls or curious. 

Here is one I can share – the discarded cast.  It is sort of scary having it sawn off but the little blade will not cut skin – it quite literally will not cut skin.


With the exception of two days after the surgery (when I was heavily bandaged & had a splint on) I have now been in a cast since July 18th !  And, I have 4 more weeks to go!     One more week off work – one more week of daytime telly! 


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  1. I have to say that the stitching looks pretty good. LOL But then, it's not my foot, is it? Yes! Keep working those toes – it is important and definitely don't want to lose the nerves – and believe it or not, a lot of nerve damage can heal itself over time. Do hope that the antibiotics will help relieve your pain and that you heal soon.

  2. They say 6 months I don't think so add a year to that, and I am very sorry for that very uncomfortable and annoying pain that is a stinging burning nothing there feeling and I hope that's the extent of it! Because nerve damage can give you pain that is so indescribable and indescribably painful and annoying at the same time! All from something you can't feel, but unfortunately with that bit of infection things are going to take longer even the loosing of the pain, stuck in another cast!!!! Get better and hopefully your manservant will hang in there to serve your every whimper! what a cool scar you will have; wasn't that from kicking a crock!

  3. yeah – I'd forget about the nerves healing. I have that sensation on my ankle from when I had the varicose veins ripped out. And that was about ten years ago. Its an awful feeling and when I rub it you can't feel it on the outside but it all tingles on the inside.

  4. My entire right shin is numb from one of my operations. You get used to it and eventually some of it wears off. I have entire patches though, that I could pinch, twist, do whatever I want to and it won't hurt. I'm great at parties. (kidding) 😉 I dont do that anymore. Only when I was a kid. Good luck with the healing, I hope the pain gets better….

  5. I'm too much of a chicken (or a chook?) to look at the stitches picture, but I really hope you feel better soon. Can't believe how stoical you are being about all of this, you definitely deserve some "tough" points!

  6. LOL – the idea of a party trick! I went out with a guy (for 2 minutes!) who had no feeling in the bottom of one of his feet – he stood on some glass and got an infection in the foot and didn't realise until it was really, really bad!! I would rather have my dead spots on the top!

  7. Ha LOL. Perhaps I would be given some leeway because of the cast. Daytime telly is pretty awful but strangely hypnotic and addictive! Luckily I have the internet to keep me sociable – LOL.

  8. oh my god you poor thing. That sounds just awful, and pretty scary about the dead toes, but have confidence that if you keep trying to wiggle them the feeling will come back like he said. After all, people who are thought to never walk again after spinal injuries, do! I hope the rest of your recovery goes well, and quickly.

  9. At the worse – if the surgeon did a hurry up and close kind of thing – you might have a dent or maybe a knob sticking out. If you bring those kinds of things to the surgeon's attention, they have a tendency to look at it like they've never seen anything like it and say "I can fix that".

  10. They sure seem like they want you to believe that they are really the experts they say they are. So, if they are on top of their game…how did they run out of green cast materials? Good thing purple looks good on you! 🙂

  11. Well I hope that everything works out and that because of it not being that extensive of nerve damage things will improve might be slowly but without repeated damage you should actually feel improvement! Although I still not sure why put on the cast again when there are removable splints allowing you to clean and take care or the scared area and still have the immobility that they want it to be! one would have been able to clean the cut and seen any infection, I don't quite get the cast when other types of splints are available! Take it easy and may be you will have to higher a Maid for a few days!

  12. I just do not know what to say to you. You have been undergoing such hideous pain behind my PC display, yet giving us encouraging comments.
    Now it is my turn to add your early recovery and ease to my daily prayers and cross my fingers for you.

  13. I had a bump after a skin cancer surgery but it went away with some fairly intensive massaging – I hope the same will happen with my leg – once I can get to my leg that is! LOL.

  14. It seems fairly standard practise to put a cast on for 6 weeks after the surgery. (I Googled it). I think it just holds everything in the correct position and gives all those internal stitches a chance to heal. They don't want the ankle moving. Even when I go into the cam-walker my ankle will not actually move.

  15. You poor thing! I just went back and read to where you had the MRI and got myself caught up. Oh my gosh!!! I've been having problems with my achilles for the past year and am scared to death that it will tear or pop. I finally went to the doctor and so am going to physiotherapy. I know how I hurt, I can't imagine what you were feeling. I'm so glad that you went to the doctor for it finally. Follow all their instructions, keep those toes wiggling and I really hope for swift and complete healing for you.

  16. See what happens when you go off gallivanting around Australia! :-). I hope the physio helps on your achilles – because surgery on feet sucks – and the recovery period for any surgery there is long.

  17. Oh lord, casts. You have my sympathy. I had one on for a month from the top of my thigh to just below my ankle when I fractured my kneecap. By the end of the month I was psychotically irritable and terminally bored. I am thoroughly impressed that you are still making sense and haven't attacked anyone just for a bit of excitement and relief from frustration. Well done!

  18. Oh you poor thing, that sounds excrutiating 😦
    I hope that it heals soon; are you taking Arnica to help it heal? I can't recommend it enough and am sure that it's behind the 'remarkable' (according to the docs) recovery that I made after the op.
    Big hugs to you xxx

  19. I can recommend the Arnica pillules – they are tiny tablets (like a sweetener) that you dissolve under your tongue. A manufacturer over here is Nelsons if that helps. I use it for all injuries as it speeds recovery of tissue trauma and is also good for shock.

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