A new book:

I ordered a book from Amazon.com and was eagerly waiting for the UPS guy today.  I can't get up and go to the door yet so the man-servant was under strict instructions not to step outside until after the brown truck had been!

I overheard a funny conversation happening at the door:

Man-servant:  Oh, my wife is going to be very happy

UPS guy:        I feel your pain!

This is what I was waiting for:  

I think this is his 15th or 16th novel; they have all been set here in the DC area (with the possible exception of one or two) and I have read them all.  Pelecanos has also written and produced for HBO's  The Wire.

A lot of the action in his novels actually happens on my side of town.  When I started reading his books I lived on the "upper" side of town and often thought how glad I was that I didn't live in any of his settings! LOL be careful what you are thankful for…….  

Recently the astro-dweeb was reading one of the books (he's a much slower recreational reader than me!)  and raced in to tell me that the main character's family "lives" two doors from us!   It has been so long since I read this book that I would not have remembered the name of a street in it – and honestly it is one of those things that I rarely remember even when I have just finished a book. The rec center in our street is also mentioned often in the book -  this is the same rec center where bushes on the footpath were removed after drug dealers were found to be hanging their bags of crack in them!!  community newsletter -!!

Quite a lot happens in this street and in the back alley – both in fiction and reality!   I think that is sort of cool! 


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  1. I started a book what 20years ago one of these days I will finish it I think it is keeping something balanced, it was the right height! I seen a kid read a Harry Potter Book in less then 2days, always loved books but thank god for graphic novels I never seem to have time to read and if I can't figure it out by pictures then I am in trouble. But it is so good you have all the power to order around the Manservant an it seems like he still talks good about you! When you get better are you going to owe him??? or maybe he will be so real good about it!

  2. LOL – the manservant can certainly get a good reference from me! I love reading books but I seem to be spending more time on the internet these days. I used to read on the train to/from work so I will be looking forward to getting back to work!

  3. LOL! It's certainly colourful – not sure everyone would feel comfortable here. We had a friend from England stay one w/end and I think he was quite nervous – it can seem a bit intimidating.

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