My best dead one

I have spent many dollars over the years "adopting" plants who immediately show their appreciation by starting to pine and wilt and eventually die in spite of my ministrations.

It is a lonely death as the plant is hidden away, so as not to frighten new comers, and, to not dispel the notion some friends have, that I have developed a green thumb since buying a house!

Here is my best current* dead plant.  I have no idea what it was but I think it looks rather pretty dead.   I took these photos before the surgery to my foot.  

* My manservant tells me has thrown the petrified remains away – he thought a pot of dirt was more attractive.  Men are funny.

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  1. I should take a picture of all the dead African violets on my kitchen window sill. They were alive and healthy (11 years old!) when the patio roof came down and the sunlight did them in. I'm not throwing them out until I get new ones to replace them with.

  2. aw the cycle of life your born you go to Emjay's you die it is the stubborn ones that live on at your place, the ones that refuse to die!But it dose look like a lovely pot and with just some dirt in it wow!, It would set it off nicely! He He Ha Ha now that is a funny thought!The scary part is I have seen some people bring a plant back from that shape, but I think they had more then a green thumb!!!Soon you will be up and around torching plants to your hearts content and your manservant will be looking for a break from all his duties! By the way did you get your Spungbath there are some pages on how he can do this for you!

  3. but they get to be a beautiful art in photos hehe, i am like you too….never can manage to make the plants stay alive or even blooming…always dead within a week hehehehe
    even my husband's cactuses that dont require alot of watering… they're so dead, sigh.

  4. Now that is tragic! I like to hide my failures away. African violets used to be "the" thing – you would see them on every kitchen sill and everywhere in offices. I haven't seen any for ages.

  5. LOL. I'm doing my own spongebaths! Can't wait to get to the stage where I can put a garbage bag on my leg and have a shower! Yes – the pot is a lovely ceramic one so I will be looking forward to putting the next potential victim in it!

  6. I haven't seen any for ages. They're still out there if you know where to look. My relationship with plants is like yours. They either die within the first few weeks of coming to my house or they live forever! In fact, I only bought two of the four violets. The other two were cuttings. I've also got a Christmas cactus that's trying to take over the house!

  7. LOL – I actually do have some fairly new cactus plants. I had some others that I killed when we moved to the house. I put them outside and the next time I looked they were dead! (they had been living inside for 8 years – obviously they didn't like the fresh air).

  8. Wow – I'm impressed you grew some from cuttings. I brought home a whole lot of different cuttings, including some with roots, from a friend's place and nothing grew! I also tried "rooting" avocado seeds (like 6 of them) and not one sprouted a root, though most of them cracked a bit.

  9. Wow – I'm impressed you grew some from cuttings. This only works when they are cuttings from my own plants. You know. The ones who have already survived the Bataan Death March. They're indestructible. Or so I thought until they got hit with direct sunlight. They'll go months without water, but give 'em just a little bit of extra light and "poof"! All gone. 8:-)

  10. LOL! Really your violets had a mutant vampire gene! This reminds me of my fish – I have a fish who is about 6 years old – he was part of an original batch I bought. As the others died off I bought new ones and the new ones would die within a week. Nearly 2 years ago, I added 2 cichlids and one survived so now I have 2 old hardy fish! They share the 10 gal tank and survived a harrowing late night ride to our new place when we moved last November. People make "helpful" suggestions about changing the water, adding a mate etc etc etc but I think that maintaining the status quo is the way to keep things thriving!

  11. hello Emjay:) nice to talk to you again :-)I feel envy of your colection… i only have spoiled plants at home: orchids… they are like spoiled childrenhugs When will you visit me again?(if i may ask)

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