Today …

Today was a pretty good day – admittedly I spent it lying on the couch (which some might see as a luxury) but the big thing about today was that after an initial dose, at 6am, I did not take any pain meds during the day!  Yipee!  I'm cured, I'm cured. 

I got the astro-dweeb to swap paintings for me so I can spend the next week of immobility looking at a different painting -  I think we might have to re-name him "manservant" . 

I took this photo when I was a mobile bi-ped -  I think it was a begonia.  I then used Photoshop Elements to stretch it and change some colours:   

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  1. Manservant now that's good! but dose he do windows? smart idea to switch out paintings or you could convince yourself you truly hate a painting you like too much time and not enough good distractions!Glad Hulu is working out for you it was Dr Horrible that I wanted to see without paying $1.99 at I-Tunes but some day when they have nothing I want to see it will be available for me to see!I love the picture and love how easy it is to do all this stuff anymore, I remember having to do all that in the darkroom by adjusting the filters the same with darkening an area on a print it was extra work when printing from a negative!And now in your spare time well layed up you can do some artistic work that used to take a day in the non digital world!Get better and have that Manservant give you a good sponge bath and a glass of wine now that you haven't the need of drugs!

  2. I think I will be on the night-time meds for a while. I'm still taking Lyrica – one morning and one night. Soon kids won't know what a darkroom is and the magic of watching a photo develop in front of you. Do you remember the Kodak Instamatic cameras? They had film but were called instamatic! That's funny when today's digital really is instant!

  3. Thank you – I liked the way the colours turned out. Well – I'm still on a pain med in the morning and at night so still having some "fun" . But this probably means I can have my wine in the middle of the day though!! LOL.

  4. And here I thought 'husband' meant man-servant. LOL Love what you did with the photo. Glad the pain is easing enough to cut back a bit on the meds – you'll be up and dancing before you know it!

  5. LOL! I like your definition of husband! I will be on the Lyrica for a long time but at least I am cutting down on the codeine now. LOL – I couldn't dance before the surgery …..

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