All Alone

The man-servant has gone out for a few hours this evening. After 9 days of looking after me I'm pretty sure he skipped down the street singing "I'm free, I'm free" ……..!

Now I feel like a kid who has wrangled a day off school while their parents are at work! 

Well actually I'm not sure what that feeling is because I'm pretty sure I was not left alone when I was a kid.  If we were sick we got sent to school anyway and if we were really sick once we got there we either lay wretchedly in the sick bay until it was time to get back on the school bus, or our grandmother would collect us and take us to her place.

Now what mess can I make on my own….  

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  1. Oh Emmy, this takes me back to when I was a kid at the church carnivals, we would do this spin art. My kids also did them. So very pretty.I can hardly believe it is 9 days already! Are you semi-mobile?

  2. LOL – doing those spin paintings was probably much messier than doing it on my computer! This was originally a photo of a coaster! I am immobile until Wednesday!! Then I can start to move about a bit. That will also mark the end of the heparin shots – the needles in the stomach fat!! Yipee!! I'm looking forward to both!

  3. ooooooh! I LOVE THIS PAINTING and you got drugs Toooooo! your should be able to take a glass of wine with the medications your taking! with out any problem, some of the drugs and booze I mixed and I am still here!And I am sure there was a long conversation where you had to convince him to go out that you would be just fine by yourself!

  4. Thanks Jamie. I'll be on the Lyrica for quite a while and it says "no alcohol" . I have one in the morning and one at night so maybe I will have my alcohol in the middle of the day! LOL.

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