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One day last year, when we were in Australia, we drove 139 kms (86 miles) out of Alice Springs, to the end of the bitumen, just to have lunch at the Glen Helen Gorge – more specifically at the Glen Helen Gorge Resort  Their website

Heading to the Gorge: 

  Glen Helen Gorge is one of 6 permanent water holes along the Finke River in the West MacDonnell Ranges.  The "resort" is more of an outback lodge but it is in an undeniably gorgeous outback location.  This is the road into the resort – you can see that it is smack up against the gorge cliff – you can just make out the roof above the bitumen. 

We walked from the resort buildings to the waterhole:

After our trek to the waterhole it was time to have lunch at the only place in town (LOL) the Namatjira Restaurant & Gallery in the "resort".  Here we paid some horribly inflated amount for a basic hamburger with chips and beer – well I had coke while the astro-dweeb had the beer.  Art works by local aboriginals were displayed on the walls amongst prints of Albert Namatjira's work. (famous Aboriginal artist from 1930's-1950's).

So …..  the point of this story?  Well for one week now I have been lying on the couch not doing much except trolling the web or staring at the wall  straight ahead.  This is what I stare at -  I thought it was lovely when we bought it – an effect of the sun, coke & isolation perhaps…..   I think I still like it, but after spending many hours looking at it, I am not so sure anymore: 


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  1. I am so amazed that Australia resembles Arizona so much! the sky is so beautiful and blue! I love the contrast with the rocks! I really like the artwork as well – the spirals and the colors are really cool!

  2. The middle of Australia really is beautiful. I have only seen a bit of Arizona and that was in winter, but I could see the resemblance. The colours are a bit washed out in my painting photo – my wall is more purple for a start LOL. The blue in the centre of the painting is more intense.

  3. LOL—I was going to say that this looks a lot like my trip to Big Bend, TX earlier this year. Incredible. I love that aboriginal art, but I can see why staring at it so much might be a bit disconcerting. I love your purple cast by the way.

  4. Yeah – I'm starting to see things in there that I don't think the artist intended! LOL. I have not been to Texas – yet – I want to see some of every state eventually – Britannica Encyclopedia says the Northern Territory is nearly twice as big as the state of Texas – lots of outback land! 🙂

  5. auh- is not recovery time soooo much fun given all that time to think and look around saying to yourself, when I am better I will get this done or do that! But to question a nice peace of art like that! tisk tisk well maybe you got it hung up right, just kidding!I feel sorry for you that stir crazy has set in so early and that you are having a hard time amusing yourself, and I hope people are giving you good ideas of web pages to go or free flash games to play! maybe you should go to Hulu watch a little stuff maybe even some Dr. Horrible but at least your taking good care of yourself!

  6. I haven't visited this part of the country yet (the gorge & Finke river), but I did live in Darwin for 3.5 years back in the 80's. I really miss the outback landscapes, textures & colours. Love your pic, but reckon I'd feel like I was 'tripping' if I looked at it for too long!

  7. Look at the colour of that sky, it's amazing! I like the painting, it's unusual. Try coming away form it for a bit then going back and looking at it again, you might feel something different.

  8. It is titled "Bush Onion" and it depicts ladies with digging sticks digging up bush onions. Actually, you would love the earthy tones of the paintings and the stories they tell. I remember the photos you posted of the winter colours and how you were going to use them with your quilt designs. I got a/dweeb to swap it over with another one this morning – a very bright red abstract work!

  9. I would love to visit Darwin. It is on our "itinerary" for 2010 – I have not been to Western Australia – it is our only state that I have not been to! Yes the colours and textures of the outback are magical (though not in the fairy sense LOL) – the sky is endless – as are those vast red plains.

  10. The blue is endless when you are out there. I think you find something different each time you look at an aboriginal painting. With all the pain meds I have been on this week some days I felt like I was on the bus with Jimi Hendrix! LOL.

  11. LOL – it means you (me) are getting better when you start to make lists of things to do!! Thank you for the Hulu site – that is great! I have just watched a Daily Show on it and started an old Hitchcock presents. I see they have movies as well. Now I know where to go when I am out of my TiVo-ed programs.

  12. This article is very informative for those with a plan to visit the middle of Australia including me. I do not know whether they give me enough time to visit the place on an optional tour to Ayers Rock on the Oceania Grand Cruise 2009. But I keep your article in mind and will not miss the landscapes you saw if things permitting.
    The Albert Namatjira's work is lovely. You must thank God that you do not have to see my painting day after day LoL.

  13. No problem I can't watch the sight because I am not in the USA!I do get that messed up the who I am talking about but it is kind of lumping everyone in who I have talked to recovering many of them said the road to hell is paved with good intentions and as they sat around getting better they looked around made list and when they got better they said I will do it later on a rainy day I am feeling better and I want to get out and about! which means not going to happen the list of good intentions/things to do sure some get done all easy but those promises to really change and do something end up uncrossed off the list!

  14. LOL – I love looking at your paintings and photos!!! I hope you do get to Ayers Rock – it is really beautiful – I will have to dig out some photos. If it is part of your tour they will most likely just fly you direct to Uluru (Ayers Rock) and you might then fly to Alice Springs if that is included. It is a long day's drive between the two. We did not see any tour groups at the Gorge.

  15. Actually, you would love the earthy tones of the paintings and the stories they tell. Yes, I used to always have a few bolts of Australian aboriginal fabric in my shop. The salesman I bought it from is Australian (though he lives in Texas) and he would always interpret the images for me and tell the stories. Sadly (or not) I always had a hard time remembering what he had told me so each time he came to call it was a new adventure!

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