Vox Hunt: Don’t Worry Be Happy

Show us something that always makes you laugh.

When we bought our house the real estate brochure had a lovely photo of the kitchen.  It makes me laugh because it never had a hope in Hell of staying like this:

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  1. Very nice kitchen, never seen one so clean of extra appliances, only a blender in sight a Knife block, some cooking utensils and a few canisters! The true look of a kitchen of some one who orders out!I really would not know what to put on this vox hunt, probably a photo of me because every time I try to organize anything lately it ends up looking more and more if I have just moved the mound from one place to another, even though I may have put many things away where they were put the stray items end up in the pile to be put away properly! now that I find funny because that was never the way but given a few more years I will win or at least be back at the start so I can do the re-shuffle again!Nice Kitchen lots of counter space!

  2. Ah that's like our house. We bought it brand new and the day we walked in there was the kitchen, pristine, sparkling, new, beautiful. A week later I walked in and there was the kitchen, not a square inch of surface visible, sink full of pans and coffee mugs and slightly fragrant. It's just one of the facts of kitchen – they only ever look fabulous when no one is living there.

  3. It is a great kitchen – I'm sure "real" cooks would be horrified at the little cooking I actually do in it! The stovetop and oven are gas and there are so many options for the oven that I get confused. What's the diff between bake, convection, roast? LOL. I do like the BBQ plate on the top though – I know what to do with it.

  4. Yeah – the owner didn't have much "clutter". I have a lot of "things" – if we ever sell I would have to put them into storage so the house looked spic & span. I like the slightly lived-in look.

  5. A woman and her nephew lived in this house and I have to wonder what they did with their "stuff" – every room looked like a magazine layout. We opened cupboards and even they were neat-ish. So, either they had no "stuff" or they put it in storage. I have a lot of stuff and I love it all!

  6. that was my sentiment exactly when i moved into my new apartment (newly constructed) two months ago. i was so sad because i knew it would never again be this clean or beautiful again. i love your stainless steel appliances though… i want some for myself!!!

  7. Emjay, I know jealousy is a sin, but after trying to fit all my old kitchen stuff into this tiny new one all day today, I'm about ready to cry at the sight of your kitchen! The granite tops and stainless steel is good, but Ohhh that cupboard space. Whether you keep it clean and empty or filled in and lived-in, your kitchen is worth the price of a house.If you want some more laughs, I'll take some pictures tomorrow. πŸ˜€

  8. LOL! I once lived in a place that had 4 cupboards (as in 2 double cabinets = 4 doors).!! One set under the sink & one above it! It was the weirdest kitchen. I'm looking forward to photos of your new place! …..

  9. I feel bad having something so great because it doesn't get used as it should. I remember a time when a kitchen would've sold a place to me – that was when I used to cook LOL

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