Flowers or candy?

One of my tasks as Office Manager is to order flowers and gift baskets for the deaths, births, marriages and get-wells around our office & field sites.

One of the advantages of this is being able to get what I want for myself . LOL.  I showed my assistant exactly what I wanted.  She asked  "why don't you order it yourself to be delivered on the day you want it?"

I replied:  "Well … that would ruin the surprise of what you would write on the card"!

So …  I thought about a yummy gift basket but dismissed it when I realised that lying around for a few weeks eating scrumptious things, guaranteed to make me feel better, would ultimately depress me when my wrists buckled under the extra weight on the crutches!  Or, maybe the crutches would break – they do have a weight limit! 

Flowers are nice but I would be lying here watching them die – not cheerful!  So I decided on the "garden bowl" of plants.  The photo doesn't really give a good indication of how big this actually is  – well, it's not "huge" – we do have a budget we have to stick to, but it is decent sized – probably 24 inches high.

The florist we use calls the recipient to make sure they are going to be home or if something can be left and when Jeff called me he asked "did they make you log in and order your own?"  ha ha – I played dumb because that seemed the right thing to do! 

So here it is: 

And this is a close up of the white flower: 

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  1. Okay – you are making me really smile here …… plants growing "like crazy" and Emjay don't usually go together! LOL. I guess if it is going to get "huge" it is going to need a pot on its own.

  2. This is the coffee table infront of my lounging couch – I just hope I don't watch it starting to wilt and curl …. it will be relegated to the outside table then. LOL. Chocolate is absolutely guaranteed to work – always! LOL.

  3. Spaths are pretty hard to screw up –as long as you give them water when they begin to need it, they'll grow. They come in tiny sizes and those tiny ones can turn into BIG ones……….they don't always.but they can.

  4. I would like to quote the Queen of FractalBeauty:
    You've got a deck that contradicts that statement!And I quite agree. However, I would also have wished for a coat hanger to have come with the flowers…I suspect the purple covers a multitude of itches? 🙂

  5. I like it, much better then candy and those flowers that dye good choice! and that white flower is gorgeous, I hate when they look familiar but you can't think of there name! but you know when you get back you are going to get hassled over what did you get and did you go over budget, and she must ordered it for herself! and so on! I was thinking of some smart things for you to say but there are always people at any work place who would believe a story no matter how unbelievable! just take care of yourself and get better!

  6. What a great idea a living gift that won't die – well not as quickly as the flowers. The white flower looks like an Arium Lily thingy. I like the look of the tall strappy one in the middle back.

  7. LOL! You don't get to see the dead ones! Admittedly, this year the alive outnumber the dead. I haven't been able to go upstairs yet so I'm not sure what that top deck looks like – the poor astro-dweeb is in charge! .

  8. Yes the deck was looking very pretty – we haven't had rain for ages now and I'm not sure the poor astro-dweeb has time to water properly – poor guy has to spend a lot of time fetching for me! LOL. LOL @ the itches – actually it hasn't started to itch yet ….. there's still time for them to send the coathanger – I hope they find a coloured one! 🙂

  9. Thanks Jamie – yes the white flower is very pretty amongst all the green. LOL – I/m sure people will wonder if I got myself something fabulous – the invoice will tell the truth though!

  10. LOL Robbie!! OK, it's early in the morning and my brain is still fuddled but I don't remember learning a second language. I just clicked the link you posted and couldn't understand a word! LOL. Luckily botanical names seem to be the same in any language. Yes, that is the plant.

  11. LOL!!!!!! I didn't even notice the language — I originally searched for the image and got that page when I clicked on it, saw the Latin name and stopped reading — GAH!!Is it German? Guten Morgen!!Au revoir!A demain!*giggles and runs away*

  12. Apparently the white flowered plant is a Spathiphyllum also called spath or peace lilies. I have also found out that it is an incredibly efficient "cleaner" of indoor contaminants and pollutants – so just the thing to have in a sick room! There is no little tag with the pot which is a shame – there are 6 plants in it. Yes that strappy one is nice with a pink line along the edges – those leaves are really really soft which surprised me!

  13. Since learning its name I have found out so much about it. There are basically 3 sizes – small, medium, large. The small only grows 6-8 inches – this is bigger than that already so I'm sure I have the large LOL. it will have to be repotted. I found one site that said it is the top "green" plant for taking pollutants out of indoor rooms! It cleans best at one plant per 10 m².

  14. Wow!! You are totally redeemed for the German! LOL. You are amazing – thank you so much. Silly question – how do you search for just images or do you have a vague idea of the plant's name to start with?

  15. Robbie has helped identify all the plants – that tall strappy one is a dracaena marginata and it will definitely have to be repotted!! Basically all I have done is give myself a gift of work to be done! LOL.

  16. Aww, thanks — Not silly!! — I just grow a lot of plants……..and over the years I've absorbed the info.I've actually had all those here at one time or another. I stopped growing pothos because it can bother cats. I have a bunch of palms and a big dracaena now. I'm one of those people who has a problem with excessive plant growth– they grow too fast and too well and I can't house and care for them properly (they need HUGE pots!!). I end up giving them away.I'm always rooting something or other…….The planter should work well for you for a while, since it was probably assembled with a drainage level. But you'll eventually be able to extract the plants and put them in separate pots, where they can drain properly and grow.

  17. That is a beautiful bowl of plants – including the peace lily. How lucky you are to be able to pick out your own choice!

    Love that purple cast too. If you have to have a cast, you might as well style in color! Hope all is healing well.

  18. Thanks Gina – I hope it is healing too – bit hard to tell inside the cast. I have images of something nasty festering in there and being totally unaware until it's too late. LOL. I am so happy with the plants!

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