My snazzy purple cast – and yes, my lounge room wall is also purple!

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  1. you Match it is so hard to match bandages and cast with home and rooms but now you can accessorizes for seasons and room colours, OK enough of being a smart ass at least you have previous experience with the cast, can't wait to see your scare this is mine for when I had surgery just to give you something to laugh at!(my photo)as long as your feeling better and your not already booked for an ear pointing you should be ok! but keep up the post hop along so we can laugh/console you in your experiences! by the way how long is this one on for!?

  2. That is some might fine purple! I like how it also matches the flower in your Vox banner. I hope the pain goes away soon and you heal as quickly and comfortably as possible.

  3. Wow! That is a scary place to need an incision. LOL – it's funny to be able to co-ordinate casts with home decor. This one comes off in 2 weeks when they take the external stitches out – have to remember to take the camera then!! Then they stick another cast on for a further 4 weeks.

  4. LOL – no swelling because they were relaxing on all those pillows all day – plus I put an icepack under my knee every hour (it cools all those blood vessels going down into the feet apparently).

  5. LOL – genetic toes! I've always liked my toes. "Hard looking"????? well, they don't have any middle age "padding" . The princess told me they are "funny knobly knees" – which I had to defend by saying better than pudgy!

  6. It is a fine colour isn't it! I love purple – I have 2 favourite colours purple & green and I'm considering getting green on my next cast unless it is lime! LOL.

  7. LOL! One of the things that "sold" this house to me were the colours on the walls. Every room is bright except the spare room which is off-white which I think is funny.

  8. LOL! I looked at the toe-ring site you sent before …… but didn't do anything because I didn't want to believe I would really be in casts this long – at this rate I will be sticking a sock over my toes before long!

  9. Yeah it has been "forever" and forever goes on .. I had surgery on Friday so basically have to start all over again with the casts. This one went on, yesterday and comes off in 2 weeks when the external stitches are taken out and then I get another one for 4 weeks. I will have forgotten how to walk by then! 🙂

  10. well I thought the picture would cheer you up and give you a good laugh at my pain, get some photos of them removing the cast and your scare, and make sure to moisturize I slathered it on and ended up with out an ugly scare but some type of interesting rope like thing in there!Hopefully the drugs last and you start to feel better I know how much of a pain literally it can be after being opened up, and thanks for the drugs to make it through those times of discomfort!

  11. Great cast–wonderful paint colour for your wall! I love bright too but painted neutral in anticipation of moving–then decided to stay. :pYou do have cute toes–and your knees are youthful looking–so at least you have that while the white hot spotlight is on your foot area.Feel better!xx

  12. Thanks for the tips. Looking at your incision made me think how lucky I am that it was only my foot and not my spine!! I'm sure you were in much more pain than I have been.

  13. Don't they make some green nail polish? Well, I mean it would be really jazzy, wouldn't it? Wait…here's a thought…if Maybaline doesn't make it, there's always Home Depot and they'll mix it to whatever color…and wonder how many women would ask where you bought lime green nail polish? Talk about green with envy!
    I just spent an hour on writing you a comment, (on my blog) it disappeared. Had to sign up on the computers with one of my bogus account numbers. Will try and write again if I am able.
    Oh, before I go…what colour pen does someone use to sign a purple cast? Personally I would use a brilliant shade of green and sign it 'my Firend :-)' !

  14. Hi TicTac – thanks for visiting me! Now that is a brilliant idea re the green nail polish! There is actually a nail salon not far away – easier to get to than Home Depot – I will put that on the astro-dweeb's next shopping list! LOL. It is frustrating when comments disappear before you finish typing or pressing post! It has happened to me too. Thank you for "signing" my cast! 🙂

  15. The cast is great! Love the polished toes to go with it. I received a plant gift basket two years ago for my birthday and you know what? That plant is still alive! SO I have to go with your idea that it's better than chocolate and cut flowers! Hey- get well soon, okay? Sending positive thought waves….

  16. Thanks Patricia – I am catching the waves now LOL. I am very happy with my choice of plant over flowers but gee I wish I had some chocolate too! (I don't need it though).

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