I am walking vicariously through all of you today!  No-one has to run – a slow dawdle would be fine.

I got to see the scars this morning and then they had to lie me down and give me pills!! LOL

The astro-dweeb said it was "very impressive" and I think he felt queasy looking at it too – but they didn't lie him down and give him pills!  ha ha – he will deny it made him feel queasy -  he says he found it "interesting" ….  I guess that's the scientist in him!

I have over 50 internal stitches just on the two tendons!!!  These do not dissolve – they stay there for ever & ever.

The main incision is 8 inches long – curved like a hockey stick from the side of my foot up past my ankle.  It is also at least half an inch wide so it looks really, really hideous!!   I hardly noticed the little 2 inch incision on the top side where he did the ligament.

The funny thing is that I would be whingeing here if I only had the ligament done but now I see how wussy that would be. In comparison to the tendons it is a pinprick and I'm pretty sure I am not feeling much pain from it at all.

I now have to go onto another drug – Lyrica – to prevent nerve pain.  So between the Percocet, some codeine, the Lyrica and the shots in my stomach fat, it is a wonder I am coherent!

The doctor hid everything with a cast today – I got purple this time – a little more cheery than the black.  I can not believe how painful this is -  I even said to the doctor today "wow, I had 3 kids without pain relief & they didn't hurt this much'.  It is like my foot is covered in crawling stinging ants and someone is giving me a really, really severe ongoing Chinese burn at the same time!

Might be awhile before I am up and training for the London Olympics!!

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  1. You won't be walking vicariously through me today. I'm on my way back to bed where I've been most of the day. Sounds like you've got quite the little war wound there. You'll be a first class conversation piece at parties for years to come! 8:-)

  2. Yeah Lyrica it works good for nerve pain, as I was saying to another person on pain at one point in my life I used to be proud of how much pain I could stand now I think it is much more wiser to take any and all pain relief they give you or you can get because life is too short to be dealing with pain! Sounds like quite a size incision, oh well plenty of time to come up with a good story to tell strangers how you got your scar!!! Have a happy drug induced time!

  3. You don't want to walk vicariously through me either. My tricky knee is acting tricky. No pain like what you are having but I did dig out the old knee brace.Aging ain't for sissies!!Seriously, it sounds like you have an impressive incision, and lots of healing to do. I hope the pain goes away quickly. Is physical therapy in your future?

  4. Oh – poor you! But you did have a little wander! I hope that you start to feel better soon – a few people around my office had colds/flu/bugs last week and I was terrified of getting something and having to postpone my surgery! LOL – if I'd known what it was going to be like I might not have rescheduled!

  5. Yeah – I think there comes a time when you just let go of that "tough" thing and take whatever they offer you. I was feeling like a wuss because I couldn't handle it but now I think it's more important to control the pain if there is something to do it with. I will definitely have to come up with a better story than just twisting my ankle! LOL.

  6. Ouch! I'm sorry about your knee! I think this all proves that we "old girls" are tough!! I have to go back in 2 weeks time for the external stitches to be taken out and the cast changed and then I will be having some pretty extensive physical therapy once I am out of the cast (about 6 weeks).

  7. I have a 12 inch scar on my thigh from one of my bone operations when I was younger. I have a few shorter ones (from 4 to 8 inches) on my legs as well, but that long one is the most obvious. I used to be self-conscious about it, but then I realized it's a reminder of the pain and suffering that didn't kill me, yet made me stronger. Although, I think it would have been nice to have some of the skin creams they have nowadays to minimize the width and thickness of it. It's a bit knarly. Maybe you can try them after yours closes up and let me know if they really work. ;):) I hope the pain settles down a bit. Use your pain meds for now, 'cause it's okay if you need them, and life's too short to suffer when you don't have to. Jamie's right about that one.It sounds like hopefully you'll have an ankle of steel with all those stiches!

  8. I agree that those scars are a symbol of your strength.I had skin cancer surgery on my cleavage earlier this year and had a really "bumpy" scar. I tried Scar Serum which has shark liver oil and onion extract in it. It smelt a funky so I only used it at night time (and sprayed perfume on afterwards!) LOL, but it did seem to work in taking out the bumps but that might have been the massaging that I did with the serum too. LOL my ankle of steel – it should be!! I hope the right one can keep up!

  9. Oh Emmy, your's was the first blog I came to now that I am back in civilization! I am so sorry it hurts so bad. I can't imagine ligament and tendon pain. I hope you heal up really quick. We can be PT buddies, I have to start back again once we get home, the surgeon thinks I need to build more muscle strength to keep the buckles at bay.((((hugs)))) (and drugs!)

  10. Just hearing "50 stitches" is enough to make me queasy. Moreover, you are with that much pain. Poor you!
    Can my story that a friend of mine who injured both Achilles tendons is now playing tennis every day be a little comfort to you?

  11. Keep up on taking the pain killers as long as you need and get a good photo of your scare you might be surprised with the right moisturizer your scare may disappear or at least vanish enough to be unnoticeable!

  12. We meant to take the camera to the doctor's today but forgot so I don't have a "starting" photo. I go back in 2 weeks to have those external stitches taken out so i will start the photo record then. Just took my first Lyrica – see how it goes!

  13. Come on Emjay – you can come down here and I will take you and purple cast out and plop you in the field with all the dragonflies! On those meds, it would prob be a BLAST! 🙂 – seriously tho – take care of you and rest lots! I feel for you…and you can walk vicariously through me every day til you are better!

  14. Thanks for the update. Sounds like you're also having a lot of 'nerve pain'..hopefully the Lyrica will help. The Astro-dweeb is not alone in feeling queasy. I can watch (and hopefully still treat) the biggest injuries, but watching the smallest wound on a loved one can make me sick. It is funny the way our mind perceives hurt and pain..Yay for purple casts! Won't you post pictures when you're ready? I hope it hurts less every day..

  15. LOL – I would love to be plopped in your dragonfly field! You have to get my leg elevated 4" above my heart though! – what a sight that would be! With these meds I can almost see dragonflies in my room LOL!

  16. The purple cast is sooooo pretty! LOL. I took photos of my cast .. I just have to get "someone" to find my USB cord. I think the Lyrica did help last night as I got more sleep than I've been getting.

  17. I hope the medications are helping to ease the pain. Must be awful! I will gladly get some vicarious walking done for you. It's a shame I can't actually do anything useful for you. Hang in there.

  18. Boy, they drugged you up good and you're still in pain! Seems to be the focal point for a lot of folks this month. Hate to hear about what you're going though (although the drugs sound like fun!). Mucho hugs!

  19. LOL – I hope it was a pleasant walk on the shady side of the street. Yes the meds are helping now – I think it was just a matter of getting in front of the pain then it is easier to stay there!

  20. I have to say you are very brave!It sounds as if they near cut your foot clean off!I'm cringing at the amount of pain you are enduring. I truly hope all goes to plan. Sounds as if you are off to a good start with the purple cast photo showing no trauma to your exposed foot area!Feel better, Emjay.Lyrica–funny what they name drugs–this one sounds musical!

  21. You are sweet! I'm not really very brave. I think I have the pain under control now – there are only a couple of wasps stinging me now! LOL. Yes Lyrica sounds sweet & musical – that's just to cover up all the "possible" nasty side effects! I thought about not taking it after reading them but once the nerve pain started I was opening the bottle! LOL

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