Yesterday was such a fun day!   No interesting taxi ride to work for me……  instead the astro-dweeb rented a car and drove me  to the hospital.  A friend at work lent me her GPS thingy so we wouldn't get lost as we don't have a good record of getting to places straight off!  

My nurse led us to a cubicle where I was given my gorgeous hospital gown with the obligatory broken off strings at the back,  a "party" hat and a groovy pair of socks with non-slip white bubbles on the bottom.  I got to leave my knickers on – which makes sense as they were operating on my foot -  and given a non-co-ordinating second gown to use as a robe.   Then I got to lie in a high-tech recliner waiting for the anesthetist and the doctor to talk to me.

We were able to hear patients around us.  One deaf old guy had to have all his forms read out very loudly to him -  he was having a cystoscopy.  He told them that he did not want anesthesia as he was driving himself home. They said he couldn't do that but he insisted that he was very tough and in the end they agreed but they read out a lot more papers absolving them from everything if he crashed on the way home. 

There was a woman having bunions done and she was demanding that her husband ask for valium to relax her.  He said "ask yourself" …   she did.

I told the astro-dweeb I was going to ask for some valium too….  and I did; the anesthetist said he could hand them out like candy but he thought I looked calm enough to do without.  My doctor came in, cut off the cast and explained what he was going to do and then told me that I was going to have to inject something everyday into the subcutaneous fat of my stomach to prevent blood clots.  Ah, no, no, no,   I'm not going to do that!  

"Well", he says "you could end up in a pine box" .. 

Me:   "I won't know if I'm in a box, but I will know if I break a needle off in my stomach!"

Now I need  a valium!

After begrudgingly agreeing to self inject I was wheeled away into the operating room.

Electrode type things were put on my chest and neck to monitor my pulse and they had just put the drip in when my doctor appeared.  I said "hey, I shouldn't be seeing you – don't start cutting yet!"

The next thing I know someone is asking "how do you feel?"

My first words:   Hurting!   It hurts!!

I was fortified with Demorol and Percoset and allowed to come home after a couple of hours. I  have an humongous bandage on my leg with a shield of fibroglass along the back of my calf and over my heel. 

The doctor told the astro-dweeb that the damage was much more extensive than he thought   – there were actually TWO torn tendons and the ligament to repair and that the tendons were more "shredded" than just torn.  One of them was so bad it was on the point of rupturing.  

I'm thinking that I must be a pretty tough old bird to have been walking around with this for so long!!


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  1. So glad you made it through the surgery, complete with self-injection! Do hope that your pain will subside quickly and that you are up and dancing about soon. Don't you just love overhearing surgery room conversations? hehehe

  2. It is funny
    how bad our body can be but until they go fix it we seem to get around just
    fine! And it sounds like you had a better time then when I had surgery you got
    wheeled in clothed I was shot up with morphine and had to walk into the OR
    nude, but then I am 6’3” tall and 250lb so I guess they couldn’t easily throw
    me from table to table!

    I love all
    the last minute things they tell you, and that shot in the stomach did not
    sound like a thing you want but one of those unnecessary evils! I hope you are
    taking it easy and they gave you some good drugs to get you through your two
    days of rest and to cut the pain when you start moving around!

  3. Dang it, girl, you are tough! Maybe the astro-dweeb will give you your shots so that you don't have to self inject. If he balks tell him it's a test of his love. He can't say "no" then. Don't be stingy on yourself with the painkillers. You earned 'em! 8:-)

  4. Loved reading your pre-op report…I was right there! Anyway, glad to hear you survived your hospital ordeal and yes you must be a "tough old bird". I had no idea they ask people to self-inject following surgery to prevent clots.

  5. Thankyou Gina. I am pretty doped up on percocet but I can really feel when the next dose is due. I feel very sorry for the bunion lady's husband I think he is going to be in for a hard time with her! I insisted on whispering conversation with my husband LOL.

  6. Thanks Jamie. I would be mortified if they wanted me to walk naked into the OR ! I go back to the doctor on Monday morning for him to inspect the wounds – I doubt I will want to move before then. I am only managing to stay awake for an hour before dozing like an old lady! LOL

  7. Yeah I was being stingy on the painkillers but the doctor rang to see how I was going and told me I had to manage the pain rather than let it manage me and he upped the dosage and I am doing better I think. Just gave myself that second injection and it went much better than last nights (which really stung). I have to do this for 12 nights so I will be pretty good by the end!

  8. Thanks πŸ™‚ I have not heard of anyone having to do it either – the doctor said it is better than massive doses of aspirin though as less potential to damage stomach and liver/kidneys.

  9. My God! That sounds like a really horrible experience. The 'ol body can sometimes put up with an amazing amount of injury. But I have to hand it two you walking around with shredded tendons! How unfair. Do you really have to make injections in your stomach?
    I found out that I have a tear in a disk. I next will see a neuro-surgeon, but I'm pretty certain that this doesn't require surgery. But, I am curious of how I might fair in during a pregnancy. I'm sure there have been plenty of women go through pregnancy with herniated disks, don't you think?

  10. I'm amazed at myself of what I can do with all the hardware in my leg.With my tendon surgery I must be very careful not to twist my leg.I also lost movement in my foot.I was never able to have a cast, due to the skin grafts. I wore an immobilizer.You sound still in good spirits! Keep it up! Don't do too much!

  11. yes you should be a bit of in and out of it for a day or two, I remember with the morphine in my system and the dock out drugs they gave me there was not much time for me to get in there and get all into the apprentice they wanted to use, I remember walking in with all the young woman in there and for some reason my belly felt like it stuck out 4feet and stuff boy that was fun!Now did you wake up in the recovery room, and did he have the recipe for the sandwich you wanted? I think that was the worst part was waking up in the recovery room wishing it was all done with and you were at home and then whatever they gave you started to ware off!It is good to know you are out and are feeling pretty good from your ordeal!

  12. This is fascinating stuff, Emjay. You write in such a breezy style that I almost forget to feel terribly for you. My lord, what a pickle to be in. Reminds one of how we depend on our feet to get us from here to there!I hope you mend quickly and with minimum pain. You are a brave one!xxxCyn

  13. I wonder if they would give me an immobilizer if I promise not to put weight on my foot etc. I am really hating the thought of going back in a cast. The "good spirits" are coming from all the drugs LOL…

  14. Hi Hetta! Yes I have to inject myself for 12 nights – it is something to thin the blood to prevent blood clots. I think they say stomach because you are less likely to inject muscle (which you don't want) – and there's not much chance of finding much muscle in my stomach LOL. I'm sorry about your disc and I really hope that you don't have to have surgery. I think many women with back issues go successfully through pregnancy – though they may not be able to do as much.

  15. Yes the drugs they give you do start to wear off too soon! It was nice getting a wheelchair ride to the car though. And yes I got my toast & vegemite! (highlight of the day – ha ha).

  16. I still wear one in bed sometimes. And I wear all sorts of leg wraps and knee braces.I don't see why not, in your case it was ligament surgery. Not bone fractures…Am a correct? But still that the reasons for casts too…to immobilize.When I first woke up in the hospital my leg was drilled into an out in traction.The apparatus was drilled into my bones to keep the leg immobilized.

  17. Thank you. Well, I go back to the doctor tomorrow for him to check the wounds. If everything looks "good" he might whack the cast on then. Then there is basically 3 months of different types of casts/immobilizers and PT. It is long and drawn out and sounds boring and difficult – especially as I won't be on my 'happy" drugs for that long. LOL.

  18. Thank you Kelly. Yeah – there is something really queasy about sticking needles in yourself. I think I did better last night than the one before – it didn't sting as much – I think I got a better angle with the needle. I'm glad no-one will see the bruises – I suppose the bruises mean that it is working though (perverse isn't it!).

  19. Thank you Caprica. I am definitely sorry now that I didn't look after my foot better! LOL – and I'm glad my right foot seems to be strong enough to cart me around. Terrible night of pain last night but seems a bit lessened today – hopefully I don't have to beg a refill on the percocet but I won't be too shy ask if I need them.

  20. Ouch! I can imagine how painful all that was. I had surgery to two tendons and one ligament – no bones – but it hurts to just wiggle any toe! I will find out more tomorrow when I go back to the doc.

  21. K, and be careful! They kept checking my pulse in my toes and for feeling.I lost feeling in the leg and it's numb for the most part.Hopefully you will be hovering around again soon! πŸ˜‰

  22. Actually I am worried about that – I keep pinching my toes to make sure circulation is still happening and is one reason I keep wriggling them even though it hurts. My mother has nerve damage in her foot after knee surgery because bandaging was too tight.

  23. "After begrudgingly agreeing to self inject" Oh dear, I got dizzy just reading that line… I can give shots to the animals, but I'm a super needle chicken.I'll be sending you good brave thoughts.

  24. Oo..I'm so glad you had the surgery then! Hopefully they patched up the shredded tendons pretty well. Wriggling your toes is a great idea, but I suspect you'll know if you lose circulation..THAT hurt likes hell!All in all, sounds like a fun time was had by all. Good to see your spirits take a tendon repair surgery like a walk in the always, you rock! What did they say about mobilization..are you going to have physiotherapy?

  25. It takes a long time for nerves to heal…if they do. Is why my leg is partially numb. My whole leg was shattered. Everything was torn apart too. And they had to cut out my Patella, it was like powder the Doc said.Good thing is that we have valves in our leg arteries in help with pumping blood back up!Possible nerve damage due to surgery itself.Only time will tell… stay off it as much as you can!

  26. LOL – it was hurting like hell! Today I have to go back to the doc for my post-op appointment with these bandages all loosened and looking very funky! It is very obvious i have been "playing" with them. Yes, there will be lots of PT in about 2 months time.

  27. Less pain today – or maybe I've just taken enough pills to finally dull it! I got quite a few hours sleep last night so feel good enough to go off and tackle my post-op appointment. Thanks for asking… πŸ™‚

  28. Thankyou SLJ, I think it is feeling a little better everyday – but I was just thinking that the cast is harder on the stitch-line than all the nice padded bandaging was!

  29. LOL – I think I will be in lace up shoes for the rest of my life!! The shot isn't really painful it is just the queasy factor of having to do it plus you sort of feel the liquid going into the cells where you have the skin pinched (don't know if you're meant to, but I can. LOL). The first time was terrible and it stung for ages the next night was better but I did it after the percocet had kicked in so maybe that helped. Tonights wasn't too bad so I must be getting better – no more Nurse Hatchett!! ha ha.

  30. gf, just keep taking the pain meds and relax and heal. they give them to you to keep you pain free and sane! it sounds like a great idea to me to wait until the percoset kicks in before you give yourself the shot! i hope your recovery goes quick, and the pain subsides even quicker. (((hugs))) my PT buddy :))

  31. Thank you. Yes I am seeing Vox people I have never seen before. There is so much interesting stuff to read and see throughout Vox – no time to read my books! πŸ™‚

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