I love using the expression "running around like a chook with its head cut off" – mainly because of the bewildered looks using it receives.  Chook is a much funnier word than chicken. 

Today, I am that headless chook trying to get things in order at work so a temp can take over the switchboard and reception while I am languishing on the couch for a couple of weeks. 

I would love to go home tonight and have a glass or two of wine, but surgeons put a veto on this practise prior to surgery.   I think this takes all the joy out of surgery really!

So tonight I will sit down to a "comfort" dinner of eggs atop some cheese on toast with chopped parsley.   They always tell you no eating after midnight ….  this leads me to imagine some huge majority of people must eat in the very early hours of the morning;  I am not one of them, but being told that I can't eat makes me very, very hungry and so perhaps I should get up at 11.50pm and prepare a snack to tide me over.

I have been given strict instructions to only drink 4oz (115mls) of water between midnight and 6am……   this leads to the question  – should I space that out over the 6 hours or chug it all down at 6am?   What if I don't measure properly and have 5oz accidentally?   

I have requested toast & vegemite for my first post-operative supper.  The astro-dweeb has written to my mother for the recipe!    LOL.

My abelia is still alive and flowering – or at least it was the day before yesterday!  :



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  1. Don't you just love all the preop instructions? Do wish you well for your surgery. Vegemite is something I've heard about – not sure exactly what it is though. One of the things that I have been impressed with surgeries today vs surgeries when I had my c-sections is that there is no enema! Of course, the butt cleaning stuff that they give you to take at home is pretty awful, but still you are in the privacy of your home. Love the flowers. Good luck gf!

  2. I guess the preop instructions have something to do with not wanting the patient to upchuck during and after surgery. When I told them I upchucked for two days following the only other surgery I have had, they gave me meds to prevent it. Why not just give people the meds if that is true? They told me nothing by mouth after midnight..except the slightest amount of water to take my morning meds. And I didn't ahve to have the butt cleaning process. Screwy, isn't it? Dehyration can't be a good thing.Best of luck tomorrow. I vote for the 11 PM snack with a huge glass of water.

  3. I'll be rooting for you tomorrow. I would drink some wine for you this evening, but we're going out for barbecue and that really does call for beer. Maybe the astro-dweeb could see his way clear (with your cooperation) to let us know how the surgery turns out? That way we don't have to wait until you are home and coherent again to find out how you're doing.

  4. Vegemite is a disgusting jar of black sludge that australians seem to think is the best thing ever invented. I think I am possiby the only australian who doesn't eat it and may risk my life by even saying that aloud.

  5. And I think you're going to be hungry with just one egg. Have you ever had vegemite on your egg on toast. I heard a woman on the radio saying she has that for breakfast so I tried it with bovril – very good. We all eat Bovril eggs now.

  6. I agree that chook is a great word. There is actually a chicken shop near my Nanna's place called "Chookery Nook"!
    Re vegemite, Kraft currently running the Great Vegemite Census to find out all the bizarre things people do with vegemite. Can think of some very fun answers for that!

  7. they probably hear you saying chook, and their mind hits the gutter, and don't you love all those instructions the water is to take any pills but I always love all these instructions, cant eat after midnight and in that statement even people who never eat or have breakfast are immediately hungry!enough with the instructions good luck and hopefully he gets the instructions to make you your after surgery meal

  8. Thank you Gina. Vegemite is a yeast extract – basically the dregs left over from beer production and then boiled down to a paste. I have not met one American who can stand it! LOL. I only have it when I am feeling really miserable as it reminds me of my mother making toast soldiers!

  9. Thank you ….. getting ready to have a mighty big glass of water! I agree about the anti sickness meds. I think the only other time I had surgery they actually gave me an injection to stop the dry retching.

  10. Thank you. I don't like beer but I will take the sentiment! What's wrong with an incoherent post? LOL. Hope your bbq was fun – I'm sure the food was much better than what I had! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Yes well I was hungry! So, I had two pieces of toast with Maggie Beer fig jam on them. There is just something very comforting about vegemite when you feel really crappy – just wish mum was making it for me! No I have never tried it with anything other than toast and butter!

  12. I've met one American who loves Vegemite. In fact, I have to take her a jar or two (the biggest size) next time I go because she has just finished her last one.Vegemite on toast, topped with scrambled eggs and sliced tomatoes, is very good.Good luck with the surgery, and I hope you get your comfort food of Vegemite toast afterwards.

  13. Thank you. I wrote this when I was at work and "surgery" was sort of on the bottom of my to-do list. Now that I am about to go to bed it is looming large in my mind! But – it is only my foot and I know that there are a lot of people here with much bigger problems and health issues.

  14. How to do Vegemite on toast properly. I don't eat much of it anymore but it really is kind of a comfort thing. Reminds you of being a kid I guess. Good luck with your surgery!

  15. Wow! That is an unusual American! A couple of years ago I did a "taste test" of vegemite in our office as part of a fund raiser for breast cancer. People paid $1 to have some on a jatz cracker ….. there was only one person who said it was "ok" out of about 80 people! I have never had vegemite with anything other than toast or crackers – I will have to try your suggestion.

  16. LOL – vegemite for morons!! That is great. I did actually send my husband out for the thickest bread he could find in preparation!. It definitely reminds me of being a kid. Those
    days when you are sick and your mother made little fingers of toast
    with vegemite and you got to eat it in bed! Just as good as a cuddle!

  17. Good luck with the surgery! I hope it went well, and you are enjoying the toast and vegemite right now.(Its a bit too late for this, but I don't think it matters if you drank 4 ounces or 5, as long as it wasn't wine. ๐Ÿ™‚

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