The verdict is in …

The verdict is in -  the conservative treatment of my torn tendon & ligament is not working and so I am going to have surgery on Friday to stitch everything up.    Today I went off and did all the pre-op blood work and an EKG – to make sure the ticker is up to it!  (it is).

I also completed  the medical questionnaire they give you which includes a neurological section which has the question:   Do you have Alzheimer's?      

The only options were "yes" or "no"  -   no space to write witty comments like "I can't remember" or "sometimes". 

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  1. So sorry it has come to surgery. Hopefully that work will fix you up just fine and you will be able to leave the crutches and strange cab rides behind as you trot off under your own power! Best wishes, — JG

  2. too bad I love filling out forms they never leave you blanks but I guess that is smart on there part, never Know what an Aussie from a bad neighborhood might be up to!sounds like its time for them to fix it finally so good luck with the surgery there will be no more sympathy for the lady with crutches! and too bad you don't have Alzheimer then you would forget you went through the surgery!

  3. Look on the bright side. It gets you out of the cast. Or does it?That Alzheimers question bothers me. If you did have it, you wouldn't remember, so would answer "No", as you would if you didn't have it. A real "gotcha" one, that is.Hope it all goes well for you.

  4. Oh that's sucky! Hopefully they'll be able to correct the problem.
    I'm still waiting for my doctor to report my MRI results on my leg and lower back. I'm feeling much better so, hopefully it was just some inflammation. The only problem is that I still have to take extra strength Tylenol before I go to bed or I won't sleep well.
    Good Luck!

  5. Good luck with your surgery! When I had some earlier this summer they didn't ask me the Alzheimers question but a false reading on the pre op cardiac stress test sent me to a cardiologist so now I officially have one, even though it was a false reading and my heart is fine! When I left his office after the results of his test, he said see you in a year. I said to my husband, "now I have a cardiologist? Why? " Glad I have good insurance.

  6. Under any situation, you are alway full of wit. That is what I like very much about you. I hope surgery will be successful and the day that you take back your normal walk and run without a bag from ebags will be before long. Good luck!!!

  7. Thanks Kelly – I hope I do too. There was a footballer in our office the other day who told me to start eating jello! LOL – my doctor doesn't think it will help!

  8. Thanks Snowy. Actually, it only gets me out of a cast for a few days. They wait until the swelling of the surgery goes down and then whack on another hard cast for another 6 weeks. Then I go into a cam-walker for 6 weeks, then a brace for 6 weeks. It is the evil 666 !!!

  9. Thank you. Yes I asked them what would happen if my EKG wasn't normal and they said I would have to see a cardiologist for the all-clear before they could do it! I'm always surprised by the number of different specialty doctors people have here. I was amazed to find that there are specialists in fingers!!

  10. Thanks Karen – it is a long haul back to running (LOL). About 18 weeks in various contraptions and lots of PT. Only about 6 more weeks on crutches though…..

  11. Thank you Gina. I hope to be at least walking "normally" by December – it sounds so far away!! Apparently there is a lot of strengthening work to be done after the casts.

  12. Thank you muchly! I was telling someone at work today that I can't wait to get in the cam-walker in about 6weeks! This will seem like a huge improvement to the cast as I will be able to put my foot on the ground though not able to move my ankle.

  13. Thank you Margy – maybe I will get a smorgasbord of drugs to help with the recovery! LOL. They gave me Lyrica for the current pain but reading about it so freaked me out that I didn't take any!! I have been living on Aleve – which I had to stop taking (along with the alcohol). Tylenol only at the moment and it doesn't have much effect.

  14. Tylenol! Next to nothing as far as I'm concerned. Minor pain, yes, but an injury requires more. I hope you get relief. Constant pain is no fun. I've been on crutches, too and that's no fun, either.

  15. Thank you! I suspect the question is there incase someone is filling in the form on your behalf but it doesn't actually say that…… so I did have me giggling!

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