Surviving plants…

I am not known as a gardener.   My mother has told me that I should think of plants as others think of a vase of cut flowers – something that is nice to look at for a short time.   This is one reason that I frequent the bargain plant table at Home Depot -  I am not comfortable spending big amounts of money on a "disposable" item.

However when we got our incentive bonus from Mr.Bush we went straight to Behnkes nursery and bought large ceramic pots and plants that looked nice (like the white Hibiscus).  The plants were chosen by look alone and I did not look at the price tags ….  so I was a quite stunned when the total rang up!!  Too stunned to put any back!!   When we got home, I was shocked to find the most expensive plant was $30 – an Abelia.  And, I'm pleased to prove that it is still alive: 

This was the second most expensive plant at about $20 – I'm not sure what it is now……..

The trick is going to be keeping these plants alive over winter!!!  They are going to be the most molly-coddled plants ever!!

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  1. You need to buy daylilies (Hemerocallis), as even the most dedicated brown thumb has trouble killing them. Buy dormants which die down over winter, and so are more likely to survive in cold climates. Those in the link are the very latest, and that's why they are so expensive. There's lots of nice cheaper ones around that would suit your purposes.

  2. I, too, am a plant-killer, though mainly of houseplants – outdoors I can do pretty well as long as they don't require any attention… I've always considered myself lucky that my kids were more resistent to neglect than all the houseplants I've been given over the years 🙂

  3. I've got an abelia in my garden, but of course they thrive here (in Perth) with no mollycoddling required. Maybe you should try azaleas; they seem to do amazingly well in the DC climate judging by what I saw in April there.

  4. it is so funny how the price of plants have gone and being in the country not the city you see a plant you like at someones place and usually you end up with a slip of the plant already started or a seed bulb off of them keeping the expense down, I should sneak up to the one persons place she hasn't got any more then four to six hundred dollars into her plants!

  5. I'm a plant murderer, A few years ago I was at Lowe's picking out some ivy to put in a hanging pot, when the cashier asked if she could help me I told her "no, I was just choosing my next victim". I do ok with left over poinsettias they can tolerate quite a bit of abuse.Your plants are lovely, sending them good green thoughts for the winter.

  6. Well yes I had to scroll down a long way to get past the $150 ones!!! Do people really spend $150 on a bulb? They are beautiful though and I think I have an old cheapo version in my garden. (under the tomato bush).

  7. Yes they do. We did when we were into daylilies. We also sold them on so finished in front on the deal. They're very easy to hybridise so you might want to give that a try one day.

  8. Thank you. I can see the poor astro-dweebs office being full of big pots in winter – his office is the sunny room which we walk through to get out to the top deck.

  9. I don't think (in good conscience) that I could spend that on a bulb – jeez, that's a week's groceries! I can see my husband's reaction to me saying there is no food this week because the tuber I bought is not actually edible. LOL.

  10. You are sooooo right about the azaleas here! Have you been to the National Arboretum? Every year they have the most spectacular display of azaleas – stunning! I have 3 azaleas against the front of the house and they are gorgeous colours – pink, crimson and red. Of course, the previous owner did all the hard work on them!!!

  11. I am often tempted to take a cutting out of people's gardens …. but guns are legal here now! LOL. I'm glad my expensive plants are on my top deck then where people can't steal them!

  12. LOL you at Lowes! And I thought you were going to write that you had killed the ivy!! I think it is pretty indestructible. I have never kept a poinsettia alive! Every year people give them to me for Christmas and they barely make it past New Year.

  13. good luck! We have many plants and flowers around here..mainly cuz we've always had gardens but also my Bro works at a we get free plants and a discount.

  14. Well, actually, day lilies are quite edible, though I don't know if I'd eat the $150 ones, just the free garden variety ones around my house 🙂 You can dig up the young tubers in the Spring (when the plant is trying to propagate itself) and cook them like little new potatoes. And you can pick the flower buds and saute them briefly in butter and salt. Seriously yummy!

  15. I did kill the ivy.. lol… I thought that was implied! The last two poinsettias I got this year did get ignored for a long time, then one day this spring I noticed new growth on them. I guess in winter they can be dormant for quite awhile and still flourish in spring.. Now they aren't both still alive, as the dog destroyed one but I had nothing to do with it's actual murder…

  16. LOL – I'm sorry about your ivy! I thought it was indestructible but then I have killed cactus plants which amazes people! LOL – no you are not responsible for the destructive dog!

  17. I don't have too many plants because we rent and are too busy to tend a garden. However, I love cacti & succulents and have about 60 different varieties in small pots. They are very easy to care for, just requiring regular water during spring-summer and protection from the rain and over winter.

  18. 60 cacti??!! Wow – that must make an impressive display. I killed 4 cacti when we moved here – they did not transition well from our a/c apartment to our house. I think they had been molly coddled for 8 years and didn't like outside!!

  19. After 8 years in a tiny one bedroom apartment my one criteria when we started to look at buying a house was that it had to have either a deck or a small courtyard. When I walked into this house with two decks and a courtyard I just knew it was ours!

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