It’s a bug …

How exciting!   I found a bug in my garden.  Now, it is not a beautiful dragonfly like LondonYankee or TicTac post, nor is it like the spiders that Pat has been posting but it is an insect that is neither an aphid, mealy bug or a mosquito which seem to be the main wildlife in my backyard…..

I was out surveying my little block of land from the safety of my deck (I do not attempt the rickety wooden steps on my crutches)  when I spied this little guy on the pot of a dead cactus (yes, I can kill cacti!).  

These were taken with my point & shoot camera set on macro while I balanced on one leg!!    I am surprised my hand was so steady!  He was about an inch long.




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  1. Sorry to comment twicely…but, really Emjay…how did you manage to tag a photo with "photography while on crutches" ? Gee, I didn't even know people on crutches had there own little group going. 🙂

  2. I love bugs and insects. Re finding them near your vegie patch, I'd rather have a few bugs and lose a few items than use an insecticide spray (you could also use a fine net). Bravo for your balancing act in capturing your new friend!

  3. I think he/she eats other bugs more then your plants, now if it was a locus that's different but he/she is just a harmless grass hopper! but you must of had fun getting around with camera and crutches and then keeping everything still! I think its amazing that you have never seen one of them not even on the menu in some of the places you were!! But then again it is amazing the amount of insects and animals in the world and when you are somewhere else you are never sure what you are seeing if its friend or foe

  4. I agree about the pesticides ….. I was so happy a few weeks ago to find a praying mantis on my little bay tree seedling – which was struggling with mealy bugs (I think). I have 2 small bay tree seedlings and I am determined to do the best I can to get them to grow here. I am going to have to bring the pots inside in winter. LOL – macro is hard while wobbling about!

  5. Well I think he will have plenty of food in my garden between the aphids, mealy worms and mosquitoes – LOL. I have seen grasshoppers & locusts before (lived through a locust plague or two on the farm) but this is the first time I have seen one in my little garden. Yeah- I'm waiting for the day I fall over with all the neighbours watching!

  6. You wanna know something else that's amusing? I did a google search on photography while on crutches, results ran to 169,000 ! But sadly, didn't find a single grasshopper stalked by an Australian lady wobbling on crutches. Perhaps google figures it doesn't fit the image of a Crocodile Dundee?

  7. well I hope they have video cameras and post it on U-tube so we all can get a laugh, I know not nice but there are some days when you finish laughing at yourself and would not mind getting a snicker at someone else's misfortune

  8. Yeah, so what did you name him/her? No fair saying 'bug' ! Besides, I'm not sure a grasshopper is technically a bug. Then again, what's the definition of bug anyway? Well, I hope you made him feel comfortable, it sounds like there aren't many where you live. Then again, maybe the homeland guys have 'em all under contract or something. Not that I'm saying anything… 🙂

  9. A bug is anything that has multiple legs, or an antennae or funky eyes and some of them make Emjay shudder! LOL. He has gone to eat someone else's vegetables now …..

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