Three weeks of “travelling”..

In the last 3 weeks I have "travelled" :

Once each to:
An undetermined Asian country (akin to a mystery flight?)
Sierra Leone

Twice to:

And …   four times to the Sudan!

I have had a smelly trip to another undetermined country, where I tried not to open my mouth, and I've ridden with one grumpy American who did not want to drive the way I wanted to go!

I have learnt about the killing fields of Cambodia, the civil war of Sierra Leone and the "unrest" in Sudan.

I have learnt about prayer beads and the special significance of some of the beads on the string. I have been allowed to hold a set of beads made of hand-made wooden beads (beautiful).

I have learnt that many Swiss are now buying property in Cambodia and Sudan is "full" of Chinese.  I have learnt that Bollywood movies are huge in Arabic countries.

I have learnt that no matter where my drivers have come from they share the same distaste for American food (with the possible exception of the grumpy American driver).

I have learnt that every one thinks Sydney is the capital of Australia.

Four weeks to go ………..


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33 responses

  1. At least people know the name of your country. lolWhere do you live then?I live in Wales.That's in England, right?No it's a country. It's next to England.Wales is a country?!Yes, yes it is. *big sigh*

  2. I live in the US but keep a cottage here in Ontario.My godmother is Welsh so I know it's a separate country from England but it must get annoying when most people don't.BTW, I think you have the loveliest accents I've heard anywhere.

  3. I doubt I am going to get a Danish or Swedish taxi driver LOL… I will just have to physically go there myself. I hope you get to Oz one day – it is a great place full of great people!

  4. Very good! 🙂 Yes, I suppose there are many capital cities suffering from identity issues! I was in Hawaii and met someone (a local) who thought Los Angeles was the capital of America …….

  5. Aw thanks! 🙂 When my husband and I were ravelling in the US, we spent most of the time joking arguing with people about whether they loved our accent more than we loved theirs, especially in South Carolina!

  6. Yeah street education, priceless right or wrong it doesn't really matter it gives you a good understanding of a cross section of the world without leaving and having to go through airport security or get your luggage and run around! Maybe you should write a book of your cab ride adventures!

  7. This is from your taxi trips, right? I remember getting a similar "education" when I had a broken ankle. Also learnt about everyone's workers comp scams, eg, the guy who broke his ankle at footy, didn't go to the hospital but and then dragged himself into work so he could pretend it happened there!

  8. Actually I am going to hate going back to the metro for a couple of reasons. Not only will I miss all this interestiing conversation I will have to share space with so many other people.

  9. LOL! I have heard of those types of scams – I don't know how someone could put up with the pain until they got to work! My poor drivers don't get a chance to talk about what they want as I start off with questions… the first one being "where are you from originally?" Then I tell them I am from Australia (to make them feel at ease LOL) and then start into the how long?, why? questions.

  10. Ha ha – that is probably quite true!! We certainly think it is superior to Melbourne! 🙂 (though I don't necessarily agree – I tell people here that Melb has some wonderful architecture).

  11. LOL!.. Well, my friend worked back last night and I had to taxi home – guess what?? The driver was Indian – my first one! We talked cricket – he used to play at school and for his town. He was lamenting the fact that there is no time to play here, he is under too much pressure to make money so he doesn't have time to practise. He drives the cab 15 hours a day!!

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