Yes, I’m watching it..

I admit that I am daggy enough to want to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics but I want to watch it my way.

I set the TiVo to record it last night so today (right now actually)  I can zip through the ads and boring bits.   It started at 7.30pm on NBC and was scheduled to go to past midnight – so watching it on TiVo it should only take a couple of hours before I get to the lighting of the flame and the fireworks. 

When I got up at 6.30 this morning I found it was still being televised!!  So seriously….  did NBC play this "live" at 7.30 (which was not live anyway) and then replay it almost immediately? 

As the astro-dweeb said to me this morning, no democratic country would allow their government to spend so much money on fireworks!

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  1. I did not looked at the opening ceremony because I was at works. But in my opinion I find strange that they spend so much money for the Olympic games and it is strange to see the huge firework they did despite of poverty of a large part of the population.

  2. I watched them and they did come one at 7pm CST on NBC. In the beginning it felt a little militant and intimidating (so opposite from how romantic and inviting they were in Athens 4 years ago). Once the parade of nations started though I got all emotional and I LOVED how they lit the torch. I heard they spent 1 billion dollars on the opening and closing ceremonies! I also heard on the news there was an American murdered by a Chinese man following the ceremonies last night. He was a relative of the coach of the US men's volleyball team.

  3. I love fireworks. And as a Communists Nation, the things they do do not surprise me. It was a good show, and a good history lesson of the Chinese peoples culture.Go USA, Go Canada, Go Sweden and Go Aussies!

  4. It is pretty amazing – one of the advantages of having so many people. Apparently there are 15,000 performers and not one of them repeats. The costumes are wonderful. I am enjoying it.

  5. I suppose that is the difference between the cultures and histories of Greece & China. The top of the stadium is impressive with that "script" membrane where they are projecting images all around. It is a lot of money!!!!!

  6. I love fireworks too and the Chinese really know how to make them! China has a fascinating history – they were at the forefront of so many inventions – some of which are being covered in these displays. I just hope I get to see some coverage of the Aussies ….. previously I have found that unless they won a medal we didn't see much of them here.

  7. I laughed last night…both of my daughters called me within minutes of each other when the drumming was going on to report their toddlers were enthralled and loving seeing 2008 drummers drumming. I am lucky to live where I can watch Canadian tv and get actual live coverage some of the time.

  8. Those drummers were spectacular – I think, of the performers, they were my favourites – though I really enjoyed the story of China's exploration of the sea mostly because I have been to the museum in China featuring Admiral Zheng He – who sailed 7 epic voyages over about 30 years . (something we didn't learn much about because we were being taught about Captain Cook and Columbus).

  9. I watched part of it. What struck me even more than the fireworks was those 15,000 long, and how hard they must have worked for this.I just hope they were paid well. ( I also wish India had boycotted the games.)

  10. Yes an already a murder of an American tourist who
    had something to do with or friend of a male team volleyball or something his
    wife and guide were injured and the guy jumped to his death, and 7hours later
    the president of china didn’t know anything about it!

    way things are going its one of the most messed up where people are having a
    hard time doing anything outside because of the air quality and several things
    have been postponed or changed to somewhere else!

    got a good laugh at a Tibetan protester when security came around to arrest them
    at the opening ceremonies she hid her flag of Tibet behind a Canadian flag so
    she a). Wouldn’t get arrested b). Would be able to protest later, too bad she
    got caught! So far an interesting start!

  11. Actually I wondered if the performers were paid at all or just "honoured" to have been chosen to perform. So many people have lost out due to the Olympics – there are rice farmers who have been denied water just so Beijing has water for things like fountains etc. Others lot their homes in the building processes. I really hope that it does help the people by opening China up a bit more……. I suppose time will tell on that one! When we were in China we could not access any of these types of blog sites online or any sites considered "subversive" by the Chinese government.

  12. What a sad Olympic memory that will be for that family. I hope that the criticism leveled at China's pollution will result in some changes in their practises – hopefully they feel pressured by the rest of the world. All the photos I took in China have that grey foggy look to them and a couple of days I did have trouble breathing. LOL – the Canadian flag incident!

  13. I am not watching the actual games for that reason – though the astro-dweeb is currently watching the basketball because he is a huge basketball fan. Every time I hear a figure bandied about re the cost of these games I am shocked. Here the tv kept saying that 1.3 billion Chinese have been waiting for these games and will be watching! I have been to China – there are many, many poverty stricken or displaced people who might not feel the same way!

  14. 🙂 You didn't. I knew about it beforehand, but hadn't thought about actively not watching. Its just one of those things that flew below my radar, until I watched the actual ceremony. Coming from a poorer country, I can imagine the cost of this extravaganza to the people..couldn't watch beyond the first half hour.

  15. I love our TiVo – I don't think I have watched an advertisement for 3 years! I have a cable company DVR — it' super for that too. I don't miss commericals AT ALL!So are you still watching the games?I haven't watched in years…..maybe I'll give them a try.How's the foot?

  16. No, I'm not really watching the games – just what I see on the news. The foot is okay – I honestly don't think it is mending in the cast but we shall see – thanks for asking.

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