Because it’s Friday…

I caught a taxi to the doctor's office this afternoon and thought I was going to suffocate!!   The driver had really, really, really bad BO!!   It should be a chargeable offence for a taxi driver to smell this bad!!   

When I got in, he didn't have the air conditioning on and the air was warm and putrid.  As we pulled away from the gutter he did turn it on but it didn't help much.  I spent the ride with my head cupped in my hand trying to filter the smell out with my fingers. . 

The doctor changed the cast …..  yippee!!  Those few minutes of fresh air felt wonderful on my skin.  This cast is nice and snug and my foot feels so much better – the previous cast had loosened so much my foot was wobbling around in there and very uncomfortable. 

I was expecting my leg to look pretty grotty but it was only hairy! LOL -  it is looking a bit scrawny though!   Have to go back in 2 weeks time for the next size down.

Now I am going to grab a wine and go sit amongst my flowers: 
I don't know what this purple flower is but it was on the bargain table of half dead plants at Home Depot.  I put it in my trolley and walked a short distance away to get another plant -  when I turned back there was a guy taking it out!   I  was so surprised I blurted out "Hey!  That's my plant"….    he smiled and put it back – no apology, no half lie about thinking it was his trolley or any other excuse!!   Later I had to wonder at someone who would pinch a half dead plant – admittedly it was the only purple flower, but really!

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  1. People with BO should be sent to classes on personal hygiene! Admittedly, there are exceptions to the rule, but most of the time, it can be solved with some soap and deodorant. I once worked with a guy who "didn't believe in deodorant". I'm all for sticking to your beliefs but it wasn't fair on everyone else! Yuck!Glad your new cast is fitting better. It's annoying when your leg shrinks and it rattles away in a too big cast. You'll feel better with more support around it. Hope you can have it removed completely soon! 🙂

  2. You lead such an intersting life!Flower thieves and smelly cab drivers…wow….lolI'm glad your cast is nice and snug — you're making progress and will soon be able to exercise it and get back to normal!! YAY!!!!

  3. Shopping educate, you would think they would have classes! Or
    at least teach it in the schools! But
    they are lovely flowers; too bad they don’t have a name, maybe “Beatrice” or a
    plan name like “Jane”! d(<_>)b

    And with your leg going a bit scrawny have you found a new
    way to target areas you wish to loose weight on? If you thought your butt was
    too big put it in a cast and it would look scrawnier when you got it out?!

    Have a good time sipping your wine and checking out your
    flowers after your cab ride from hell! I have had to work with people like that
    who stunk! The bad part is some times it can be a serious medical condition
    that can cause that or just lazy unwashed person who doesn’t believe in antiperspirant!

  4. I suppose I should be pleased I haven't struck this BO issue more often – since I've had the cast I have probably ridden 18 or 19 taxis and this is the first time I have almost felt sick in one! I think my foot sort of turned in the cast the other night and it was still hurting when I went to the dr yesterday. I could not believe how much better the new tight cast felt! People in the waiting room must have thought I was nuts when I said to the receptionist "wow, this cast feels great" LOL>

  5. LOL! I could do without the smelly driver.. I hope this is making progress on my foot. At least I am getting good on my crutches! I can even travel sideways on them!

  6. Yep … I walk everywhere (normally) so had a fairly well developed (big) calf, I have 3 -4 more weeks in casts so yeah, it's going to need some building up again by the time I finish.

  7. LOL putting a cast on my bottom! A cast is probably the ultimate "spot reduction" tool. I really did enjoy my wine – though I can't enjoy it too much or I can't "drive" my crutches!

  8. With all the walking that I normally do my leg had lost a lot in just 3 weeks. They put a new tighter cast on and I go back in 2 weeks time for another one – so not quite out of them totally yet. This one is a bit shorter than the other one so I will have to shave a bit below the knee now!!! LOL.

  9. BO is one of those issues that no-one wants to tackle directly with the "offending" person. I thought about complaining to the company ….. but then thought it would probably not go any further – and it seemed a sort of petty thing to complain about. The new snug cast feels so much better – my foot has stopped rattling around! LOL.

  10. LOL – I have an image now of riders with bright plastic pegs on their noses! I work as a receptionist and I have a bottle of perfume in my drawer – I dab a small bit under my nose a couple of times a day to deal with the smell of some of our couriers/delivery men! Summer is a bad time here..

  11. Actually – that's an idea – keeping a scented handkerchief in my bag, just in case! 🙂 Not sure about surgery yet. I took the astro-dweeb with me on Friday so he could ask all those questions and remember the answers! I tend to ask all the right questions but then drift off somewhere when told the answer (to the land of denial probably). I have to have a cast for another 4-5 weeks! A bit longer than the initial 6 weeks! Then an MRI to see how it is going. It has something like a 30% chance of healing in the cast – something the doctor considers worth trying first – and I agree. I also found out on Friday that I also have a torn ligament in that foot – I don't think he told me that before! So… I messed up my foot pretty well! LOL.

  12. Thank you. I have heard that feet are very "difficult" and take a long time to heal – time which lengthens when we get a bit older! I have done a lot of miles on my feet!

  13. Thank you re my flowers – they are so nice. Wish it wasn't so humid here though. I sat out for a little while today but I imagined my cast filling up with sweat and then I would smell like the taxi driver!! I couldn't believe how much better the foot felt with the tighter cast! It was expecting to see nasty things like scratches and sores around my ankle but all clear – except the hairs! LOL.

  14. LOL @ hairy leg…at least nobody can see it. I hadn't considered that the foot/leg would be jangling around in the cast by now but makes sense to have it resized! I love the combination of the colours with your flowers, they look so pretty lined up like that 🙂

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