Land Down Under


My taxi driver was from Ghana.   "Where're you from?"  he asked,  "Australia"  I replied.  

He immediately burst into song:



Apparently this was his favourite band and song of all time!!!      It has been in my head ever since!!

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  1. Good band not one of there best songs but it still is a good one, so now they are even serenading you on the cab rides, hopefully he had a good voice and this wasn't your all time unfavored song!But I guess you get that no matter what your background if you were Irish you would of ended up serenaded with Danny Boy, OK EH! sorry my Canadian showing that's what that was ABOUT!now to get that song out of your mind! lots of luck!

  2. Fun song….Have you considered chronicling your cabride adventures? What a terrific small book —CabRides I Have Taken… or CabDrivers or something. It's all so fascianting!That lyric thing is VERYCOOL!!How be your foot?

  3. LOL @ being sung to! I would be happier if they jumped out and opened my door and handed me my crutches! 🙂 He did have quite a nice voice – yes, luckily it was not my all time most hated song! It was annoying to have it in my head all day …. she just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich! 🙂

  4. Yes – I was very surprised when he told me that…. but then another day I had a Ghanaian driver who knew everything there was to know about Jeff Fenech!!!

  5. Hi Robbie …. I keep thinking I should write more on each ride! My foot is getting sick of being encased! 🙂 The lyrics scroller is here: scroller – I expect to see the words of all your favourite songs scrolling down your site now! LOL.

  6. Hey thank you for the lyrics thing- -I just bookmarked it — and it's official — Creedence Clearwater Revival's song Bad Moon Rising ISN'T telling anxious concert-goers that there's a "bathroom on the right"– "but a bad moon on the rise"…….it's always made me giggle!!!!!LOL — That's the coolesT thing!

  7. There is that one line "she just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich" which repeats & repeats & repeats ….. at least in my head! But now Purpleseque has put Abba into my head! LOL.

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