Cure for the blues…..

Woke up with blue toes and a blue brain!!   A pity party was on the way …..    the number one problem with pity parties is that you get to be guest of honour and only-guest rolled into one.  No-one else wants to come "party" with  you………

So, after I had "partied" hard on my own I wandered outside today to find that my white hibiscus has flowered again – six lovely white flowers:

Then I spent some time in the sun on our upstairs deck which has a pink hibiscus –

The pink hibiscus flower looks huge in comparison to the plant's leaves and the plants around it.     The deck is a nice place to soak up some rays and garner some healing feelings!

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  1. Thank you the flower boxes are gorgeous and go all the way around – I just couldn't fit them all in the photo frame. The sun does help when you wake up thinking that absolutely everything sucks! πŸ™‚

  2. Never really
    had one of these pity parties never really felt sorry for myself only that I was
    stupid when things happened and I should have known better or thought it
    through! At least you got up and out to see a nice sunny day and some gorgeous
    flowers in bloom, and after all isn’t that the most perfect reason for a day,
    sun and nature!

  3. It is a wonderful place to sit and have an early morning coffee – we haven't had too many dinners out on the deck because it has been too hot! I'm looking forward to autumn for that!

  4. LOL- hibisci! Sounds better than hibiscusis! πŸ™‚ Perhaps hibiscus is both singular & plural. You can't be down when sitting amongst all that colour πŸ™‚

  5. Thank you Jaffnut. We have only been in the house since November but working on making the deck nice was my first priority. We even installed an awning so that we can sit on the deck in drizzle. After 8 years living in an apartment it is wonderful to have an outside area.

  6. LOL! You could live out there in spring and autumn. It should be like a sports car – a convertable so it could be all seasons. I am going to be so sad in winter when I just have big pots of dirt to look at!!!

  7. There's a lot of goodness in the sun – just small doses can do wonders for mood and injuries. Whenever we cut ourselves or anything like that my father would say "stick it out in the sun" …

  8. Some sunshine is just what you need for lifting the mood.
    I just realised that my last comment to you was posted in my hen holidays alter ego.. sorry, getting a bit schitzo here!

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