Neatness goes out the window …


It is impossible to look neat with crutches.

I usually wear suits to work – both skirt and trouser types.

The day I went to the doctor I was not expecting to walk out with a cast and so I had gone in trousers.  As I was lying on my stomach having the cast "applied" I suddenly became very worried – will I be able to get my trousers off over the cast!  There I was, with a 2" tendon tear and,  I'm stressing about tearing my trousers getting them off!!  LOL.  I think this shows how totally in denial I was that there was anything seriously wrong with my foot. 

I am of the "old school"  which was taught that business attire included panty hose if you wear a skirt;  you never wear sleeveless tops and showing cleavage just isn't an option.

So… believe me I really did consider cutting some off one leg of  the panty hose and just tucking it into the cast!!.  The only thing that saved me from this bizarre act was that actually getting it over the cast looked problematic.

It is very hot moving on crutches so the fewer clothes I have on the better!  Jackets are only for wearing when sitting now and somehow crutches destroy the line of all tops so that everything gapes at the front or skews lopsidedly across me. I only have one pair of trousers which fit over the cast – and it is too much struggling to bother – so suit skirts & bare legs it is!  If I wear a more casual skirt I just look really untidy – a la Annie Hall. 
Even worse – I have turned into a bag lady!  Where-as my local bag ladies have shopping trolleys full of their plastic-bagged possessions I think plastic bags were really invented for crutch users. Plastic bags can be slipped over the frame, tied around the hand grip or looped around fingers!

I move around the office in a storm of rustling noises – bags of things hanging everywhere.  I am now pretty talented at moving my stuff around in plastic bags but I have not figured out how to safely carry a cup of coffee!!

Note:   I did work out the vitally important step of carrying wine at home though!  …  pour a glass worth into this funky sloping 4-cup measuring jug with an open ended handle which just fits over the hand grip of the crutches!  Swing slowly!     

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  1. My dad uses a wheelchair nowadays, but most of my childhood he spent on crutches. It would amaze me how he could carry things while walking. I think the wine thing is genius. πŸ™‚ Also, if you get tired, try this: My dad used to prop one of his crutches against a wall at (about?) a 45˚ angle, then use it as a chair. He couldn't stand for long periods of time, so if he was talking to someone, he'd do this all the time. I also have to point out that you've got an amazing attitude with all this. You don't complain endlessly (at least not on your blog!) and I really admire that.

  2. I was curious, Only one of your legs is in a cast right? if your skirts are longer have you considered thigh or knee highs for your other leg? Im on a cane now for my knees and even that sometimes makes it hard to carry multiple things inter office. Never thought about bagging it. pretty clever πŸ˜‰

  3. That comes from Mum. You had to be near death for her to consider you to be really sick. Or producing a lot of blood.
    I will not bring up the appendicitis AGAIN.

  4. Now, re the wine – you can buy these little bags you can slide a bottle of wine in and they have a strap that goes over your shoulder. A little wine backpack. They are like an esky skin. A cooler material. You need one of those. Then you could slug out of the bottle.

  5. you will laugh – I would stick the bottle down my pants…the wine that is when I broke my foot. I also got a HUGE thermos so I could have my coffee and carried it in a backpack :)….if it is going to be some time, consider a little wheelchair – I used one for work – the light and quick type as I could swing it out of the car myself and I had a HUGE distance to get into my office at that time. you can even rent them!

  6. All that
    comes to mind for handling drinks is those cups for kids that they suck out the
    drink and they can’t spill them if they tip them over except for a drop or two (the
    reason why I though of it was the one guy was too drunk to hold onto his drink
    so they stole one of the kids drinking cups)!

    As for the
    clothing it is funny how we change our ways when hit with a challenge! We adapt
    even out of our normal just to accomplish a job, wearing clothing you would
    never considered wearing before carrying things in plastic bags, and probably
    many other things you have altered to succeed!

    After you
    get better you will probably end up changing a few things from what you once though
    was the perfect way to do something, to a compromise between how you did it
    before and how your doing it now! Good luck with the coffee I can’t think of
    the proper name for the kids glasses with the spill proof top but it may only
    really work for booze!

  7. What a hassle for you and these are things we take for granted. I don't recall how well I managed on crutches when I've been on them before, so long ago I can't remember.

  8. Thank you – that is a handy hint about the "chair" against the wall. There is not a lot of point in complaining really – it won't make things better and would eventually annoy those around me and make them less likely to help me. I whinge a lot in my head though!!! πŸ™‚

  9. Hi Oona, – yes just one leg in the cast. My skirts are just a bit too short for the kneehighs… I have seen people on the metro and it looks funny when the skirt doesn't quite cover them. My longer skirts seem to catch on the cast and pull the threads or I get my foot caught in the back of the skirt as I crutch along. Hope your knees are getting better?

  10. LOL @ the bottle down your pants!! I would be worried about falling off my crutches and cutting myself with broken glass! Try explaining that one to the medics! Thanks for the suggestion on the thermos – I might look for one with a handle (like a kettle) – that way I can carry it on a finger. (I would miss asking people in the office to go & get me a coffee though!). If I end up having to have surgery I will def think about the wheelchair – thanks for that suggestion – that would be a good idea I think – and would probably qualify me for Metro Access rides which would be much cheaper than taxi!

  11. lol wow a marathon of responses there πŸ™‚ Im am getting better and am in pyshical therepy now. the people i work with are all very supportive.they help when i have bad days, and when i have good days remind me not to over do it. i love how your posting your adaptions and the antecdootes. it helps me to try to see the humor in my sitch too.

  12. Oona – I went back & read through your posts – you are lucky to have found a doctor you like and who thinks they can fix your knees. I hope that they feel a bit better each day. I am glad you have supportive people around you – that is important. Nearly every day I find something funny about how I look or how I am having to do things. It does help to be able to laugh at oneself! πŸ™‚

  13. LOL! That's why I have to swing slowly on the crutches! It was nice to have a friend over on the w/end who got the job of carrying the wine – that way I could have more than a glass!

  14. I bet….and it's a bad time of the year to have this too, though winter wouldn't be much fun either, your foot would freeze! The swelling would be so uncomfortable though.

  15. There is a thought! I had to drive everyday so I would crutch it to the car – drive to work – hop to the back and swing the wheelchair out and then use that to get around then back to the car. Like I said – I got really good at falling on my butt when I felt like I was going to go over!I have total sympathy!!!!!!!!!! hang in there!

  16. I have turned into a bag lady..ohh nooo!It's a pain in the arse…I was in a wheel chair for 3 mnths, then a walker then finally a cane in 6 Mnths. had to have people help me, I never want to back that wheel chair…but I still use a cane. I feel ya!

  17. It's alot better, but can be difficult and I have to watch every step…and i can walk at times without my cane..but I get sore.Yes so true!get better soon!:o)

  18. I sure hope you get better real soon. I don't know what I would've done. Neatness is like a must for me. I'm so bad with balance too. I would probably get myself into another accident just walking with crutches. I wish you a very speedy recovery.

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