One of my neighbours, TicTac  has found a Dragonfly which he has named "Emjay".   His photos of these little creatures are gorgeous.



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  1. Oh, my goodness, Emjay…I just accidently stumbled across this!!!! How ever in the world did you concieve such an idea? This is one of the sweetest things….I burst out laughing here at the library…and gcgal, gosh, I don't even know her…you mean she looks at my pictures? Really? Whoa! Hello, gcgal! I don't know you but hello, and thank you! Thanks Emjay, its a wonderful gift, thanks!

  2. Great photos and Dragonfly are such a respected insect, like butterfly's no one ever try's to hurt them. This is a good thing because they eat Miskito!so do you feel honored

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