They’re engaged.

My eldest son, the locksmith, popped the question to his girlfriend last night – and of course she said yes – how could she not?  he is a wonderful young man. 

He took her to dinner at the restaurant in Centrepoint Tower  (the tallest revolving restaurant in Australia).  He had then rented a boat to take them out into Sydney Harbour where he asked her to marry him.   How romantic! 

My ex husband and I mutually decided to become engaged because sadly his mother was dying from cancer and we wanted to give her some happy news.   His father provided the money for the engagement ring.

The astro-dweeb and I got married because the INS said I had to or leave the country!  No time for any sort of  engagement!   

So I never got the romantic proposal …….

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  1. Thanks Kelly :-). I think probably 2010 – I am going to have to start saving up. Not sure how it works here but in Oz the groom's family pays for the alcohol!

  2. Congratulations,
    but you know the smart ass in me wants to say she said yes because she didn’t
    want to swim to shore!

    There I got
    that out sounds like a hopeless romantic what a lucky girl she is, and I am
    sorry for you not having been wooed the way you wanted but the unfortunate part
    of life is we don’t always get what we want in life, case in point but at least
    you have had some fun cab rides lately! It was the only bright side that came
    to my head for your life in the USA!

  3. LOL..not quite. We'd been 'introduced' by our parents earlier in the evening. I was so bowled over I'd already told him I wanted to get married! He was the one doing the accepting.

  4. LOL!! Yes it is sweet. I have to admit that I would not have married the astro-dweeb if I could have just lived with him! (I didn't really want to marry the first time either but after living together for 5 years we thought we "should" before we had children. I never changed my name though! πŸ™‚ )

  5. Thank you very much gcgal. I have just spoken to him and he thinks they will be getting married at the end of next year. I'd better start saving for my dress! LOL

  6. That's good you hadn't booked anything, but at least there is plenty of time, hopefully they can give you a date soon enough to be able to book etc… (and organise your dress)

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