Hibiscus …

Hobbling outside with the rubbish I found my Hibiscus flowering!  I hadn't realised the buds were so close to opening – but then I haven't had much outside time in the last week.

Of course I had to hobble back inside and find my camera to record it  – this plant could well be dead by next summer! I am carefully recording garden successes – mostly to prove to my mother that I can garden!   She has always been able to create spectacular gardens and now that she has a computer I am quick to email her photos of anything I grow. 

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  1. nicely done!!!! I see lots of pink and red but not as many white hibiscus here. I would have to do the same with my parents – they grow things effortlessly and I – well I kill things effortlessly so GOOD JOB!

  2. Thank you. I was surprised the flowers were white – see that shows you how much I'm into gardening – I didn't notice what I was buying! πŸ™‚ I have another hibiscus on the top deck and it has russet coloured leaves as though it is experiencing autumn!! No flowers on it yet so that will be another surprise.

  3. I love hibiscus – they are very popular as you can imagine in Florida – we see them year round. I was reading that the roots of the white hibiscus are used for ayurvedic medicine – just the white!

  4. I have a friend who is an ayurvedic practitioner (she even studied in India) so I called her and asked her – she said that hibiscus is used frequently as it is sacred to the Hindu God Ganesh (who remove obstacles) and the properties of the hibiscus are very healing and soothing. the white hibiscus is primarily used to make a tea but she also said that red is common as well but perhaps there is a tradition that prefers the white! πŸ™‚

  5. Gorgeous
    shots I don’t know why but I could look at a flower in bloom for hours anymore,
    almost like the other day the clouds were so low and the way they looked you
    could walk on them they were like fluffy mountains in the sky….

  6. Beautiful! I don't believe I've ever seen a white hibiscus either, here or in the islands! If you want to keep it alive over the winter, you must bring it inside before first frost, and treat it like a houseplant. Put it back out on the deck next spring when all chance of freezing is past. :))

  7. Thank you Karen. LOL my house will be full if I bring all my pots in!! It would be a shame for all these to die though! Do you grow hibiscus in your garden? If you do, what happens in winter?

  8. You're welcome :)) I've had (and killed) a few hibiscus plants. Usually because I forget to bring them in before it freezes. LOL They are container plants for us northerners Emmy, but grow as hedges in the Caribbean. They do really well inside, just put him in a corner somewhere and water once every two weeks.

  9. I will be watching the forecasts for that first freeze warning! The lady at the nursery said you can wrap the pots in bubble wrap and put hessian bags over the plants and they might survive outside….. (I think "might" was emphasised).

  10. Emmy, they sure are a beautiful houseplant! :)) And you might get blooms all year inside if you put him in a sunny spot inside. Good luck, I'm going to the nursery today in search of a white hibiscus!

  11. LOL! – you and your nursery trips! I found the receipt which has the name of the plants – they didn't come with tags! It is called an Albert Behnke Hibiscus.

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