The Placemat

TicTac  was asking about the placemat which the flowers are sitting on:   It is one of a set of six mats titled Fire & Water Dreaming – an Aboriginal Dreamtime collection.    This one is called Crocodile Dreaming – which seems quite appropriate for a dinner mat! 


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  1. I think my mats are lovely – this one is my favourite. Though I think this crocodile has eyes bigger than his stomach if he thinks he is going to fit a kangaroo and fish in at the one meal… !!

  2. Wow! I was way off. Not a bird, a kangaroo, not a snake, a crocodile. Not a card, a placemat! Hahhaaha!
    I apologize for not visiting sooner. Mental negativity to deal with. I like your mats. And I agree, they make for interesting, albiet ironic placemats. They will probably survive the crocodile. I'm also heartened by knowing that you take your roots seriously. Too many forget where they came from…gentle reminders rekindels the heart.

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