The Experiment …


My experiment proved overwhelmingly that people will say "happy birthday" when forced to – oops - faced with, someone announcing it is their birthday – and you don't even have to make eye contact! 

Only one person did not – they responded "Is it really?  I feel bad, I didn't get you anything" and then walked off. LOL  Obviously they did not feel bad enough to say happy birthday! 

I think I elicited around 100 "Happy Birthday"s yesterday!  :-)  Office workers, delivery men, couriers, even the new post lady, were not spared the announcement!

I was so spoilt – the crutches probably helped there – with people at my beck and call all day.

My friend Miss Gee drove me home and then we had a "girls" evening of wine & nibbles. Most enjoyable! 

My astro-dweeb might be slumming it in Hawaii but he did not forget me – this lovely flower arrangement arrived at work during the afternoon:

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  1. Way to go astro-dweeb!The OKC Winter Quilt Show always happens right around my birthday and one year I actually attended the show on my birthday. I mentioned it to every vendor I purchased from and every single one of them gave me a birthday present!

  2. Awwww how sweet, the flowers are beautiful! Ah yes, I wished you a happy birthday without a prompt yesterday (admittedly in my blog haha)…people sure do some weird things though.

  3. Awwww, Happy Birthday, girly! That's a cool experiment, with such fun outcomes!
    I am reading your blog now…thought it would be easier to catch up one neighbor at a time, and I see you've done gone and hurt yourself. 😦 About 10 years ago I had to spent 6 weeks in a wheelchair for my knee (zero weight bearing on the right foot) and I can remember it taking me 10 minutes just to get myself into the tub, and another 10 minutes to get out. I was exhausted by the time I got my bath done. I, too, had to have someone drive me and my wheelchair to work. What a royal pain in the ass…I feel for you, and I hope your recovery is quick!

  4. Thank you scorpion. I'm sure you must have been exhausted. I had to add 15 minutes to my alarm just to allow for the slow pace of getting ready. I am really tired today and I've only had the bloody thing on for 6 days!!!

  5. I like the flowers, he must have found a very high end Hawaiian shirt. The card…is that Aboriginal art? Its a snake trail right? So he's contemplating the dangers of hunting? Or is he thinking about becoming a menu item for something else? Was just wondering…glad your birthday was enjoyable. Next year, pin a dollar on your blouse, and tell everyone its your birthday. If you encountered a hundred people…imagine how many boxes of chocolate you could enjoy.

  6. LOL – after the flowers maybe he didn't have any money left over for an Hawaiian shirt – one can only hope! 🙂 You are very observant re the Aboriginal design!! It is actually on a place mat – I have a set of 6 which I love – all different designs – all representing some different story of the dreamtime. I will have to look at this when I get home and see what it says around the edges.

  7. Sorry for calling it a card…flowers, vase, mistaken association. Place mat. Cool. I understand the Aboriginal art is quite unique in its depiction of a story. Kiwi bird, that's it, right? No? Well just guessing…they use symbols to tell the story and while writing this it clicked that it might be a bird as the subject. The snake the antitheseis or protagonist. I don't know…guess I'll just wait for you to tell the story…or six. hahaha! 🙂

  8. That is a very reasonable association! I have posted a photo of the place mat – it is a crocodile dreaming of his dinner – very appropriate for a placemat! 🙂

  9. He probably wanted to come back how with his high priced Hawaiian
    shirt, so he had better not forget!

    Also checked out the sight of your sister you were a real
    cutie in those photos she posted of you!

  10. Gorgeous flowers…..REALLY lovely — but your birthday deserves that………I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday experiment and that it was fruitful! lol — nothing like getting greetings and well-wishes and help and people becking and calling all day, to make a girl feel special!*smooooochies*

  11. Thank you Robbie – they are very pretty and it was a lovely surprise (because I sit at Reception I'm usually signing for other's people's flowers!). It is nice to feel special!

  12. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! I never made that cartoon for you!!! I just remembered!!!!!! *turn BRIGHT red in embarrassment* Emjay! I'm sorry! I need to find it on the computer and then I'll do it for you………*walks away scolding herself*

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