Today …

It's my birthday today and I can't go dancing!  

But I have made sure everyone knows that today is the day.  As soon as I got in the taxi this morning and dispensed with the explanation on my cast I said "It's my birthday today" !!!    Thus forcing the poor guy to utter my first "happy birthday" of the day.

Then a nice young man held the door of the elevator open so I could swing in and I said "thank you, it's my birthday today"….    prompting the second good wishes of the day!

I wonder if anyone replies nastily or ignores that announcement….  I will experiment all day and see.

A woman here at work just commented that she does not know any other grown up person who gets so excited about their own birthday.  

I found an unexpected surprise from my sister this morning on her blog …   Cat's "tribute"     but don't believe everything you read in the press!  :-) 


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  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!Wow — didn't know — will post a greeting later on…..I'm so glad you're having fun with it — enjoy — even if you can't dance the night away……Your sister is here? that's so nice! She did a lovely post for you………(going back to visit in a sec)Have a great BIRTHDAY DAY!!!!!!!!*birthdaysmoooooooochies*

  2. My own birthday is this weekend (yes, the entire weekend), and I'm planning on forcing all sorts of people into wishing me a happy one. I probably shouldn't care as much as I do, but I like the attention…even if it's from complete strangers. It seems you and I have that in common, so here's Happy Birthday! from a complete stranger.

  3. So that's your little plan, is it: mess up your leg and walk about on crutches to gather sympathy and induced birthday wishes? Well, it's working! Here's hoping that, inside that cast, good healing is happening, and happy birthday to you with wishes for many more. Er, birthdays, that is, not injuries! — JG

  4. Thank you Robbie – I am bopping my head as I hobble! πŸ™‚ Yes – my sister has her "nice" moments LOL…. she is actually very talented and sent me a couple of her tiles for a pressie.

  5. Thank you M—- Yes I have to admit I love the attention & you don't get that unless you tell people it is your birthday! It must be a Leo thing! Have a very happy birthday weekend!

  6. Thank you Magnifika – the time zones actually work to my advantage as Australians start calling/emailing me one day and then it happens here the next – so it turns into a 2-day affair πŸ™‚

  7. Thank you – so far the experiment is going very well. LOL – I have told the post lady and all the delivery people as well as everyone walking past my desk. So far everyone has reacted the way one would expect (Happy Birthday) except one person here in the office who said "Is it really? – I feel bad I didn't get you anything" and then walked off!! LOL.

  8. Thank you stuey! I am having a wonderful day – injury and all! Of course, all the chocolate is helping! I'm told the crutches hold 250 lbs so I can eat up fairly well today!. πŸ™‚

  9. LOL! I felt that I wouldn't get enough attention for my birthday this year as it is not a "major" one so thought I should throw something else into the equation. Cast & crutches seemed such a good idea at the time! Yes to many more years, nay to injuries πŸ™‚

  10. Thank you TicTac! Where have you been! I'm sure that even on my 100th birthday I will be reminding all those around me…… friends, family and total strangers!

  11. HAPPY
    BIRTHDAY to you!!!!!!!!!!!

    I made sure
    it was the first thing said and many more happy birthdays to come! And I am so
    sorry you can’t have a dance on you birthday it sounds like that was a
    tradition, myself I think I was 21 when I quite keeping track of my birthday but
    there is something special when someone remembers or even wishes you a happy
    birthday, and I hope your birthday wish comes true!

  12. Thankyou very much – yes I hope for many more too! :-). Yes it feels really nice when someone remembers every year without having to be told … I still have a few friends from school days who remember!

  13. LOL Happy Birthday (belated) but I did tell you it in MY blog yesterday! So I'm let off the hook.Are you sure you should be admitting you're related to Cat? hahaha just teasing!!! *runs from Cat and her big smacker*

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